Dry Ice Mixer

Dry ice stirrer for drinks
Dry Ice Mixer
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Ref. 120/0047
Units in box: 2
Dimensions: 28 x 5 x 5 cm



Made of borosilicate glass, it is an elegant device for stirring content of a glass or for simply adding some magic to a drink previously prepared in a shaker. Add foggy effect to your drinks, giving them a fizzy touch, aromatize your cocktails with additional scents by adding powdered essences or alcohol to a pellet and, naturally, make your presentations spectacular. The closed part forms a barrier between the ice and the consumer, to ensure the maximum level of safety. Perfect as an infuser or for adding flavors to your cocktails. Use with compact pellets made with Dry Ice Black or with other pellets of similar size. Box includes 2 pcs.


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