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Super Aladín Retail - New model! Super Aladín Retailsuper-aladin-new-model-box.jpgsuper-aladin-new-model-9.jpgsuper-aladin-new-model-box.jpgSuper-Aladin-aromatizing-smoker_8.jpgsuper-aladin-ahumador-aromatizador-profesionalsuper-aladin-ahumador-aromatizador-profesionalsuper-aladin-ahumador-aromatizador-profesionalSuper Aladín Retail - New model! Super Aladín RetailSuper Aladín Retail - New model! Super Aladín Retailsuper-aladin-ahumador-aromatizador-profesionalSuper Aladín Retail - New model! Super Aladín RetailSuper Aladín Retail - New model! Super Aladín RetailSuper Aladín Retail - New model! Super Aladín RetailSuper Aladín Retail - New model! Super Aladín Retailcampana-aladin-ahumado

New model! Super Aladín Retail  

Super-Aladin © is the smoker preferred by professionals. Entirely metallic, durable and versatile for all cold smoking techniques. Unlike other smokers, Super Aladin© has a large combustion tank that will allow you to burn other components than sawdust, like small splinters or fine hardwood chips, etc. The new frontal switch allows you to work easier and faster. This smoking gun is equipped with the traditional fast connection compatible with our smoking bells Aladin Cover and the Aladin CD cap, getting a more stable and aromatic smoke. We strongly recommend to use our bark, oak or our new Jack Daniel’s sawdust. Customize the aroma very easily with essential oils, herbs or spices. Discover some applications and tips on our video presentation.


Smoking Techniques Guide by 100%Chef
Smoking Techniques Guide by 100%Chef
Ref. 10/0003
Dimensions: 27 x 16 x 5 cm
Units per box: 1
Availability: Immediate
VAT not included
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