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Cocktail Bag


Bag for cocktails, snacks, chocolates, etc. BIO transparent Polypropylene bags with fold and plain square bottom. Perfect fro serving refreshments at terraces, beaches, swimming pools, gyms, saunas, etc. 
Suitable for any food related use. Fully waterproof and resistant to any manipulation and liquids, including alcaline and acid liquids. Also very resistant to heat and cold from 100ºC to -40ºC .

Ref. 100/150 - 100 pcs
Ref. 100/151 - 1000 pcs

Ref. 100/0150: 100 - 100/0151: 1000
Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 24 cm
Units per box: 100 / 1000
Availability: Immediate
VAT not included
Cocktail Concept
Kalippo Black - with thermo-sealable cover. Black with white spots, 70ml.
Cocktail Bag Mini -
Cocktail Bag -
Kalippo White - with thermo-sealable cover. White with black spots, 70ml.
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