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Support Cones Red XL - Support Cones Red XL -

Support Cones Red XL


Red anodized aluminium support, ideal to display either giant cones or our Newspaper rolled in a cone shape (ref. 100/0089 and 100/0090, you can find it in our Catering section). ¡Big times!
Ref. 100/0103
Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 23 cm
Units per box: 2
Availability: Immediate
VAT not included
Metal Displays
Support Cones Red XL -
Display 1 Cone -
Display Inox 2 Cones -
Display Inox 4 Cones -
Display Inox 30 Cones -
Display Board 4 Skewers -
Display Board 24 Skewers -
Display Board 169 Skewers -
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