Skewers and Pinchos Curve

Skewers and Pinchos
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Ref. 200/0025-6 – 200/1025-6 – 200/2025-6
Units in box: 500



Use for serving any tipe of appetizers, desserts, garnishes, etc. in beautiful, horizontal and easy to hold arrangements. Designed in two sizes (pinchos of 97 mm and skewers of 136 mm) and three colours: white, black and metallic grey, which will make your presentation stand out. Made from high density polystyrene (PS). 100% recyclable. Curve can be washed and reused multiple times, ensuring great rentability.

Ref. 200/0025 - grey skewer, 136 mm
Ref. 200/1025 - white skewer, 136 mm
Ref. 200/2025 - black skewer, 136 mm
Ref. 200/0026 - grey pincho, 97 mm
Ref. 200/1026 - white pincho, 97 mm
Ref. 200/2026 - black pincho, 97 mm

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