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Mini Spoon Mini Spoon

Tasting Mini Spoon  

Our tasting teaspoons with geometric lines and an oriental touch are the perfect ally to snacks serve with small glasses. Its size makes them ideal for a comfortable customer service thanks to its excellent design. This box contains 4 packs of 100 units to allow a quick production control and a greater hygienic preservation until its use. Manufactured in high density polystyrene (PS). 100% recyclable. Hola range can be washed and reused several times getting a more profitable product.
Ref. 200/0015 - 200/1015 - 200/2015
Dimensions: 90 x 22 x 4 mm
Units per box: 400
    • Transparent colour
    • White colour
    • Black colour
Availability: Immediate

VAT not included
It is essential to learn how to mount and dismantle the siphon to understand its operation. How to use the siphon:The 100% Chef Essspuma siphons are...
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