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Short Skewer - Tasting Short SkewerShort Skewer - Tasting Short SkewerShort Skewer - Tasting Short SkewerShort Skewer - Tasting Short Skewer

Tasting Short Skewer  

Perfect short skewer for making all kinds of snacks and appetizers in an elegant and practical way. Its curves give the product an elegant presentation and softness. This box contains 2 wrapped packs of 250 units to allow a quick production control and a greater hygienic preservation until its use. Manufactured in high density polystyrene (PS). 100% recyclable. Sphera collection can be washed and reused several times getting a more profitable product.
Ref. 200/0006 - 200/1006 - 200/2006
Dimensions: 88 x 15 x 6 mm
Units per box: 500
    • Transparent colour
    • White colour
    • Black colour
Availability: Immediate

VAT not included
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