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Crystal Paper - Crystal PaperCrystal Paper - Crystal PaperCrystal Paper - Crystal PaperCrystal Paper - Crystal PaperCrystal Paper - Crystal PaperCrystal Paper - Crystal Papercrystal-paper_2.jpgCrystal Paper - Crystal PaperCrystal Paper - Crystal PaperCrystal Paper - Crystal Papercrystal-paper_8.jpgcrystal-paper_9.jpg

Crystal Paper  

The non-stick paper made of glass powder with numerous uses. Your preparations will be ready to serve without sticking even frozen, making Crystal Paper ideal for preparing carpaccio, fish skins, decorations, crunchy, etc. You can also use it as a support to work with chocolate, syrups, candy ... nothing will be pasted. You can do amazing individualized decorations in your dehydrator with purees, yogurt or nut pastes. You can also use it as a separator for snacks or sandwiches and stands presentation, avoiding spots due to direct contact of food. Served in packs of 500 sheets.

Available in two sizes:
XS: 12 x 12 cm.
XL: 13 x 18 cm.

Ref. 100/0127 - 100/0128
Units per box: 500
    • XS Size
    • XL Size
Availability: Immediate

VAT not included
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