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Blender Omega 3HP 482S Retail - Blender Omega 3HP 482SBlender Omega 3HP 482S Retail - Blender Omega 3HP 482S

Blender Omega 3HP 482S  

Cup blender Omega BL482S is the most powerful blender in the series. With 3-horse power this blender envies nothing to professional blenders. Light weight, safe and user friendly makes the BL482S ideal for kitchens, bars, cafeterias and home use. The 2-liter unbreakable cup made from CO-polyester has a conical squared shape that allows for whisking, emulsions and ice breaking without difficulties. The various power and timing controls make repetitive professional work easy and efficient. A blender made to last, made from highly resistant materials.

Voltage: 230-240V, 50-60 Hz.
Power: 3 Hp.1500W.
Weight: 3,4 kg.
Ref. 50/0009
Dimensions: 197 x 229 x 514 mm
Availability: Immediate
VAT not included
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