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Omega Juicer VRT402HDS Retail - Omega Juicer VRT402HDSOmega Juicer VRT402HDS Retail - Omega Juicer VRT402HDSOmega Juicer VRT402HDS Retail - Omega Juicer VRT402HDSOmega-masticating-juicer_3.jpgOmega Juicer VRT402HDS Retail - Omega Juicer VRT402HDSOmega Juicer VRT402HDS Retail - Omega Juicer VRT402HDSOmega Juicer VRT402HDS Retail - Omega Juicer VRT402HDSOmega-masticating-juicer_7.jpgOmega Juicer VRT402HDS Retail - Omega Juicer VRT402HDS

Omega Juicer VRT402HDS  

The new Omega is the low RPM squeezer, which allows maximum juice extraction from fruit, vegetables, germinated produce maintaining all its minerals, vitamins, enzymes and all the produce nutrients, providing an unbeatable quality to your servings of juice. The Omega allows liquefaction without the addition of oxygen thus avoiding oxidation, color change or particle separation in the final product. The separating mechanism included in the Omega makes for a continuous manufacturing of juices without sacrificing quality. It will only take one glass of water to clean the machine and have it ready for a different product. You will not need to dismantle the Omega for cleaning. This latest Omega Model includes a lid to keep the juice in its interior for perfect emulsion before serving.

A double filter system gives you the chance to select the best filtration for your specific product: Soft pulps such as peach, orange, cucumber, grapes etc. or hard pulps such as pineapples, celery etc. Serve up to 30% more juice than other conventional blenders and the low noise engine allows you work right in front of the customer without burden.
Ideal for cocktail bars, juice bars, ice cream parlors and other food related businesses as well as in conventional kitchens, gyms and homes.

Weight: 10kg. Voltage: 230/50-60hz.
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Ref. 50/0008
Dimensions: 178 x 216 x 394 mm
Units per box: 1
Availability: Immediate
VAT not included
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