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Excalibur PRO - Excalibur PRO EXC10EL 10 traysExcalibur PRO - Excalibur PRO EXC10EL 10 traysExcalibur PRO - Excalibur PRO EXC10EL 10 traysExcalibur PRO - Excalibur PRO EXC10EL 10 traysExcalibur PRO - Excalibur PRO EXC10EL 10 trays

Excalibur PRO EXC10EL 10 trays  

The new Excalibur professional dehydrator. A perfect blend of professional efficiency and perfect size for your business. A complete stainless double layer insulated steel body assures a thermo performance and a low consumption. 10 trays made of stainless steel somewhat wider than the plastic models reach an area of a little over 1.20 m2 of dehydration surface. Adjustable heights, easy cleaning, no smells, very silent, 2 security crystal doors with a 90 degree angle opening allows for loading and unloading the appliance with utter commodity. All Excalibur performances are made better with the patented highly efficient vent fan (Parallex™, Horizontal Air Flow). Digital temperature control with better stability and up to 99 programmable hours. This new dehydrator, thanks to its LCD screen, allows to program dehydration cycles with two different temperatures, setting a higher temperature at the beginning of drying, and a lower one in a second phase to give an optimal texture to the final product.The most efficient dehydrator in today’s market.

Power: 600W.
Weight:15,8 kg.
Made in USA.
Ref. 70/0001
Dimensions: 43 x 44 x 52 cm
Units per box: 1
Availability: AGOTADO / SOLD OUT
VAT not included
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Excalibur PRO - Excalibur PRO EXC10EL 10 trays
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