Infusion Bowl

Capacity 1 L
Infusion Bowl
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Ref. 160/0078
Units in box: 1
Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 15 cm



Borosilicate glass bowl designed to withstand the vacuum and to accelerate the process of flavouring your drinks, fresh fruits, etc.

How does it work?

Thanks to the vacuum, you will be able to speed up the process of osmosis, brewing  the flavours in just a few minutes. This procedure accelerates the natural process of stepping even in cold infusion. Infusion Bowl allows endless possibilities, it is quick and easy to use and permits you to profit from  this technique in bartending at any time. You can prepare personalized cocktails with spices, flowers, fruits and vegetables in seconds, serve your drink in the bowl itself or use the soaked components (liquor, juices, fruits, ...) in other preparations. Infusion Bowl is also a cocktail shaker: fill your infusion Bowl with ice and liquor, then pump out the air and shake it as if it were a cocktail shaker. You will get frozen cocktails, instantly brewed with intense flavours. It is also a perfect accessory to serve cocktails or edible supplements: Infusion fill Bowl with fruits or vegetables, add syrups, liqueurs or preparations, vacuum seal the contant and serve as a side of your cocktail. Its closure cap can be fit in the base. Add fruits as peach, sugar cane, strawberries, melon, cherry tomatoes.  Soak crushed ice with flavours, for an instant slush.

Infusion Bowl is equipped with a silicone stopper support, a double sealing plug, a plug for vacuum, a glass straw.

You can create the vacuum using our pump Ref. 160/0078-1 or any other extraction pump available in the market, including electric vacuum pump.

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