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Wave 2


Plates made with Opal glass, using high temperature fusion moulding technique. Matte and velvety finish with minimalist design. Plates highly resistant to daily work, despite their light weight of only 400 g. A real surprise!

Ref. 240/0005
Units per box: 1
Availability: Immediate
VAT not included
1/3 Bottle Spumanti - Ø 6cm, 200 ml
Burdeos Wine Plate - 100ml capacity
Champagne Plate Crystal - 250ml
Champagne Plates - 130 and 250ml
Deep Cava Plate -
Nori -
Wave -
Wave 2 -
White Stucco -
½ Bottle Spumanti -
A series dedicated to foams, a classic element of the molecular cuisine.   Inspired by GinTónic, a creation by Jordi CruzEspuma (from the spanish “foam”) is...