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Salt Block 14cm - HimalayanSalt Block 14cm - HimalayanHimalaya-salt-block_1.jpgSalt Block 14cm - HimalayanHimalaya-salt-block_5.jpgHimalaya-salt-block_4.jpgSalt Block 14cm - HimalayanSalt Block 14cm - Himalayan

Salt Block 14cm


The null porosity of the pink Himalayan salt allows that all the surface transmit heat in an uniform way. Crystal salt contain highly specific energy so that it tends to maintain any temperature for a long time. Salt plates can be heated or chilled safely. We have tested its immersion in liquid nitrogen -196ºC up to direct flame. Its thick salt block will keep the temperature for 20/30 minutes. Its non-stick property is superior to that of teflon, ceramics or other non-stick coverings. It allows highly sensitive product cooking. In fact, can be used as a griddle; besides, there are other ways to use it as there are foods, styles and new cooking techniques. You can smoke your Himalayan salt, and cook your dishes with a soft and delicate smoke flavour. You can cook without smoke at your table, involving your client so that he/she can decide his/her preferred cooking point or you can enjoy the many advantages of cooking with salt. Show guaranteed!
Ref. 170/0002
Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 2 cm
Units per box: 1
Availability: Immediate
VAT not included
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