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Ignition charcoal with coconut fiber. Made of vegetable fiber prevents the forming of fire even if dipped in oil or grease from the cooked products. The auto-lighting will facilitate the use of the barbecue to any person with absolute safety. It only takes 5 minutes to light and releases little smoke during the cooking process, making it suitable to use indoors. It disposes of a greater range of durability than conventional charcoal, three times as much.


1) Use a good quality lighter or a torch.

2) Avoid air currents.

3) Hold a briquette and light it by the corners with the lighter. After approximately 20 seconds it should easily light up. Do not use flammable liquids.

4) Once alight, place the briquette in the barbecue. Repeat the process with the desired number of briquettes.

5) After using the barbecue put it off with water before disposing the ashes.

Hot ashes may provoke a fire. Dispose of ashes responsibly.

Advice 1:
During the lighting process, briquettes may release some smoke. Keep a safe distance from the flames during this process.

Advice 2: When burning for a while, a fine cover of ash will cover the briquette. You can increase heat by eliminating this cover.

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Ref. 180/1000
Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 3 cm
Units per box: 14
Availability: Immediate
VAT not included
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