Nitro Sprays

300 and 500ml
Nitro Sprays
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Ref. 120/0013 - 120/0014
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This witty tool belonging to dermatology branch allows us, as if it were a blowlamp, to spray or inject cold air to the heart of a product in the form of gas at -196 °C, freezing immediately any surface and getting a crunchy effect or a cold heart like in an ice cream. The perfect control of cold, now everything is possible.
- Turn into hard and creamy rocks your foams.
- Freezing of drinks on the surface.
- Ingenious and hollow truffles fillable with chocolate.
- Liquid liquor cubes.
- Cold spherifications.
Available in two formats:
Size XS: 300ml. (12 x 10 x 24 cm approx.)
Size XL: 500ml. (12 x 10 x 29 cm approx.)
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