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Casseroles - High Resistance CeramicsCasseroles - High Resistance Ceramics

High Resistance Ceramics  

Finally Terracota which is as durable as we have ever dreamed of. Terra Xtrem is a high resistance ceramic, perfectly meeting hotels and restaurants needs. Made from special mixture of soils and baked in 1150°C to obtain vitrification effect, it prevents the humidity absorbtion as well as oil and sauce stains. Terra Xtrem is a highly resistant product, designed for professional use. No more chipping which so badly degrades ceramic dishes. Up to 3 times more resistant than the traditional terracota and free from accumulating smells due to its poreless surface. Made from 100% natural materials. No lead or cadmio used for varnishing. Resistant to microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and freezer. Not resistant to direct fire. CE, ISO 9001, ISO1401. 

Ref. 220/3002 - Casserole Ø 6 cm
Ref. 220/3003 - Casserole Ø 8 cm
Ref. 220/3004 - Casserole Ø 10 cm
Ref. 220/3005 - Casserole Ø 12 cm

Ref. 220/3002 - 220/3003 - 220/3004 - 220/3005
Units per box: 24
Availability: Immediate
VAT not included
Terra Xtrem
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Casseroles - High Resistance Ceramics
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