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TekVac 41cm 20L/Min. - Vacuum Packer 41cm, pump 20 liters/minute.TekVac 41cm 20L/Min. - Vacuum Packer 41cm, pump 20 liters/minute.TekVac 41cm 20L/Min. - Vacuum Packer 41cm, pump 20 liters/minute.TekVac 41cm 20L/Min. - Vacuum Packer 41cm, pump 20 liters/minute.TekVac 41cm 20L/Min. - Vacuum Packer 41cm, pump 20 liters/minute.

Vacuum Packer 41cm, pump 20 liters/minute.  

The packers with sealing bar front of 41 cm. and vacuum pumps with high performance that incorporate the latest technology in the market. Maintenance free, quick and powerful vacuum pump without corners and very easy to clean, can seal multiple bags at once. From the options Available the european (230V) or the american (115V) voltage.

iVac (Intelligent Vacuum). "Packing liquids has never been so easy".
The new patent iVac (Intelligent Vacuum) allows the automatic packaging of the liquids without the supervision of the chef. We optimize the time of the packing cycle, which is far more hygienic, without splashes or spillages, resulting in greater food security.
Wire-free sealing bar. "Cleaning in half the time".
The special design of the wire-free sealing bar and the construction of the packing chamber, which is made of stainless steel and has rounded corners, make cleaning the packer much easier and quicker.
Calibration. "Making you packer 100% precise in a matter of seconds".
Height above sea level, variations in atmospheric pressure and changes in the weather can all affect the precision of the vacuum. Correct calibration ensures that when you need a 100% vacuum with respect to the atmospheric pressure at the place where sealing is performed that is exactly what you will get. For this reason, the whole range of sensor controlled TekVac packers now come equipped with the calibration function as a standard fitting; always guaranteeing a perfect vacuum.
Auto-clean oil. "Save time and money on oil changes".
The condensation of the oil vapour which is given off during the packing process reduces the efficiency of the vacuum pump. The Auto Clean Oil system eliminates the condensed water and thereby prolongs the working life of both the oil and the vacuum pump. In this way, we achieve considerable cost and time savings in the maintenance of the machine.
It is recommendable to carry out an Auto Clean Oil cycle once a week.
General Specifications:
- Removable wire-free sealing bar.
- Desktop machines made of stainless steel AISI 304.
- Polyethylene plate inside the chamber that increase the speed of the vacuum and adjusts the working height.
- Auto-clean oil, oil cleaning system.
- Monitoring every step of the process.
- 2 x 4 mm double seal.
- Soft Air, progressive intake of air so that the bag perfectly adapts to the product.
- Vac+, extra vacuum time to force the air out of porous foods.
- External vacuum accessory (optional).
- Entry of inert gas. On specified models.
- 99 programme memory.
- Calibration system.
- iVac technology for packing liquids.
- BUSCH vacuum pump (specified models).
- Sealing 2 bags at a time.
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Ref. 80/0062 - 80/1062
Dimensions: 51 x 56 x 44 cm
Units per box: 1
    • Voltage 230V 50Hz
    • Voltage 110V 60Hz (USA)
Availability: Immediate

VAT not included
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