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Click-it, the Smart Vacuum System

Click-it is the simplest system to vacuum pack any type of product in a few seconds. Reusable and portable, it saves space thanks to its small dimensions. It consists of a set of products to transform a plastic bag into a vacuum container, combining the valve and the vacuum pump with the clip. The clip of the Click-it system allows you to seal any type of plastic bag for storage, also converting the envelopes of conditioned products into vacuum conservation bags. It preserves the freshness of grains, seeds, coffee, avoiding the rancidity and it allows to marinate and to obtain a perfect cooking of meat and fish. Using our vacuum cooking bags, tested to withstand temperatures between -40 ° C and 100 ° C, you will achieve a perfect result with the Noon (ref. 80/0058 - 80/0059). Click-it is a smart multi-purpose tool, which can fit all kind of pouches and a lot of others containers. You can get ideas and tips for the correct use watching the other videos of techniques. Find more details on the items page, iten nº 80/0091.

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