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Dry Ice Series

Discover all the new accessories specially designed to produce dry ice on demand. - Dry Ice Black Ref. 120/1015, Dry Ice Condenser. Compatible with all CO2 bottles with dip tube. Dry Ice Black allows to make your own highly compact dry ice tablets of 30 grams in just 1 minute. With pressure reduction filter and minimum gas loss this is a highly efficient device, which allows you to produce dry ice on demand. This new model is compatible with the CoolBar 2 as well as with all our shaping moulds for CO2: - Dry Ice Poker Moulding Kit Ref. 120/0044; produces discs of 7 grams each with in shape of the 4 poker cards symbols. - Ice Cube Mould Ref. 120/0045; produces discs of 11 grams and 2,5cm each side. - Pellet Mould Ref. 120/0046; produces discs of 11 grams and dimensions of Ø2cm and 2cm height. For the best service, use together with the: - Dry Ice Mixer, Ref. 120/0047); the special dry ice stirrer for drinks, will add some magic to you drinks.

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