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Super Aladin New Model

Discover in this video some important tips from 100%Chef Team to get the best smoking technique ever with the original professional smoker Super Aladin. Super Aladin© by 100%Chef is the unique manual metallic smoker, resistant to daily or semi -industrial use. Its aluminium propeller ensures a total heat resistance. Unlike other smokers, Super Aladin© has a large combustion tank that will allow you to burn other components than sawdust, like small splinters or fine hardwood chips, etc. The new Super Aladin© engine design, avoids the entrance of oils and resins into the engine increasing the strength and durability of it. Its foot or detachable base along with its weight provides a greater stability to the equipment avoiding accidents and the spilling of sawdust or ashes on the work surface. The new monobloc switch is located on the body, far from heat and protected from accidental blows or crashes. A small deposit retains the resins and tars resulting from the wood combustion to avoid the entry on the engine. For prolonged use, we recommend to combine your smoker with Aladin Station. Its patented dual-chamber system has also been improved and expanded to increase the aromatics capacity of its inner chamber, giving an extra smoke aroma without combustion, incorporating more natural and pure aromas. You can broaden the creative applications for the art of smoking. Due to the fact of being metallic, it is very easy to clean. Our smoking pipe has the connection to connect the smoking tube to the camera or can be directly attached to Aladin or Aladin CD bells, you will get colder smoke and more aromatic and stable over time. We strongly recommend to use our beech or oak sawdust, or our new original Jack Daniels. Easily personalize the aroma with essential oils, herbs or flavourings.

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