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OCOO - Dark Garlic Caramelized with Honey

Find in this video how to prepare an exceptional honeyed black garlic with OCOO. Discover all the multi-cook possibilities you can get with its 15 programs. Healthy and tasty food at the time. An all-in-one cooking system for professional kitchen. OCOO combines different culinary techniques as double pressure cooking and controlled temperature. Unlike conventional pressure cookers, the steam created inside of OCOO does not escape. The vapor bonds with the aromas of the food, locked inside the pot. It works at a low temperature with extreme precision, preserving the organoleptic properties of food. OCOO can be used to make hundreds of preparations, giving unique results that would be virtually impossible to achieve without the use of this system. Find out more here: http://www.100x100chef.com/index.php/eng/shop/tool-concepts/ocoo-eng-detail.html

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