100%Chef wanted to dedicate a space of gratitude and recognition in our blog to all the professionals who have not only trusted us but have been also participants and indispensable actors in the construction of the company we are today.

These testimonials are just a few examples that we would like to share with you.

Thank you all for your trust, complicity, and friendship.


Testimonials from 100%Chef friends


Christian Escribà

Christian Escribà – Master Pastry Chef and Professor at Escribà and Escribà Academy, Barcelona, Spain

“From day one 100%Chef surprises us with its creativity, effectiveness, and service.

This is how we celebrate 10 years and more to come. May the innovation never stop.

Thank you very much for helping us to revalue, facilitate our work and always be 100% ready to find solutions many times Magical!”


Antonio Lai


Antonio Lai – Bartender and Director of Multisensorial Mixology, Hong Kong

“Congratulations on your 10 years in business, time goes by very fast.
I am honored to be a part of 100%Chef‘s success.”




los Chefs del Disfrutar y del Compartir

Eduard Xatruch, Oriol Castro y Mateu Casañas – Head Chefs Disfrutar (Barcelona), 3 Michelin Stars and Compartir (Cadaqués), Spain

“Thank you for constantly bringing new things and for making our daily work more comfortable and practical. We are lucky as cooks to have 100% Chef! Many congratulations and here’s to many more years!”



Anthony Caratozzolo

Anthony Caratozzolo -Vice President of Food and Beverage | MGM Springfield Resort & Casino, USA

“Opening a new company, MGM Springfield Resort & Casino is no easy feat. Having a vendor like 100%Chef, who covered so many aspects so efficiently, made the opening a much easier task. Our vision was to serve our guests not only the best food, but also to create memories, and 100%Chef’s eclectic and innovative designs did just that. The straightforward and sensible approach, in pursuit of functionality, produced incredible results. I highly recommend your vast catalog of innovative products. Thank you for helping a dream become a reality….. ”



Aurelio Morales

 Aurelio Morales – Chef at CEBO, Madrid, Spain

100%Chef has been a must in haute cuisine for 10 years,
the evolution of haute cuisine would not be understood without them”.


Carmine Caló


Carmine CalòRestaurant Borsari 36, Verona, Italy

“San Sebastian 2007, “The best of Gastronomy”, when I thought I had seen everything about the world of cutting-edge technology in the kitchen, I discover 100%Chef.
Practical and technological solutions to support the highest level of cuisine.
For me, 10 years later, they still represent the avant-garde”.



Ernesto Iaccarino – 2 Michelin Stars, Restaurant Don Alfonso 1890, Naples, Italy

“We have been working with 100%Chef for years now.
I have sent orders on Saturday or after midnight and received the answer in 5 minutes.
That’s how I understood that I was in front of people who work with the same passion as we do.”




Fabrice Fontaine, Chef Exécutif – Erisay Traiteur, France

“Always looking to surprise my clients, to blow them away, I am constantly looking for culinary innovations, both in entertaining during receptions and in my laboratory when it comes to creating our new collections. 100%Chef is a must-have for all innovative Chefs.”


Francesco Lafranconi – Director of Mixology & Spirits Education – Las Vegas, USA

“I really enjoy and benefit from Angel’s creative work, because it is a combination of experience and vision.
His innovative approach takes food and beverage interaction with guests to a new level of enjoyment.”




Giacomo Giannotti – Best bartender in Spain 2014 – Bartender at Paradiso, Barcelona

“Congratulations to all the great family of 100%Chef for this achievement,
result of great constant work and an important human relationship with the professionals of the sector”.




Giuseppe Iannotti – 1 Michelin Star, Restaurant Krèsios – Telese Terme, Italy

“The technology of 100%Chef products and materials is extremely advanced and is great support for the preparations we make in the Krèsios kitchen.

I am very satisfied with their use because the concepts of research and experimentation are also fundamental in my journey.”



Jordi Cruz – 3 Michelin Stars, Restaurante ABAC – Barcelona, Spain

“When you find good traveling companions, the road is more enjoyable and will surely take you to places you never imagined you could reach. It has been many years of dreaming, creating, and generating ideas with Angel and the whole 100×100 team.
The journey of a lifetime, from minute 1, full of friendship, generosity, and desire to contribute to the world of gastronomy. I hope we continue to travel this road together, another equal or even longer stretch.”




Lauren V. Haas – Professor for International Baking and Pastry Institute at Johnson & Wales University, USA

100% Chef continues to be the leader in Chef and Bartender equipment innovation.
My experience working with 100%Chef has been extraordinary, and each year they continue to inspire me to take my creations to a new level.”



Martin Lippo – Director of Vakuum Nitroschool – Barcelona, Spain

“I witnessed the birth of 100%Chef as a utopian idea during the last gastronomic revolution, in the very epicenter where it was born.

Today it has undoubtedly become the culinary company of reference worldwide and the one that has contributed the most to the sector by providing the support, tools, and ideas for this revolution to continue to evolve. If a chef wants to know what is to come, he or she should pay attention to the proposals offered by 100%Chef. The culinary future in the kitchens of the present.”


Paolo Casagrande – Head Chef, Restaurant Lasarte, 3 Michelin Stars– Barcelona, Spain

“I think 100%Chef is a company with a terrible concern, the kind we all want to have. Over the years it has not been a supplier, it has been a friend, it has given us ideas, it has accompanied and supported us so that our restaurant and us in it, could grow and cook comfortably and give the best of us.

100%Chef has constantly taught us how important it is to reinvent ourselves and believe in new projects! Who hasn’t thought over the years… why didn’t I think of this? Or, wow… this is the bomb… every time something new has come on the market. Well yes… this is 100%Chef!!!”


Pere Castells Esque – Scientist and Researcher in Gastronomy and Head of the Department of Gastronomy and Scientific Research of the Fundación Alicia

“The culinary revolution has become truly radical in the 21st century, and it is here that it has played a preponderant role in culinary research and innovation, managing to consolidate its international projection.

We always talk about the great chefs, but companies like 100%Chef have contributed decisively to this global leadership. Congratulations ”


Ramon Morató – Master Artisan Pastry Chef and Creative Director of the firm Cacao Barry

“Congratulations to the entire 100%Chef team for having accompanied us all these years.
Thank you for encouraging the creativity of chefs through your products, for providing solutions, and for not letting us be curious to continue to bring novelties when it seems that there is nothing more to do.
Behind this path, there is work, a lot of work but above all illusion for wanting to do it, I wish you many more years to come”.


Chef Randy Sebastian – Executive Pastry Chef, Caesars Entertainment – USA

“When I need to create special menus, I always seem to gravitate to 100%Chef for inspiration.
Whether you are a Chef, Mixologist, or Maître d’hôtel, 100%Chef products are unparalleled.
Over the years their product has yet to disappoint, I will always recommend 100%Chef to all my colleagues in the profession”.


Thaddeus DuBois – Executive Pastry Chef, Borgata and Water Club Hotel Casino & Spa MGM Resorts International

“For the past 10 years, I have been using 100%Chef products. All I can say is that the innovation and creative force behind their products, ideas, and concepts from Angel and his team are amazing. In the last ten years, so many fabulous ideas have been presented that there would be no more to think about. But, of course, they do it again! For a Chef, there aren’t many companies that can get as excited about cooking as 100%Chef. I love the way their products can transform and elevate our guests’ experience and I can’t wait to see what 100%Chef will create in the next ten years.”

Antoni Campins – Inventor and Entrepreneur, Barcelona, SpainAntoni Campins

“I have seen 100%Chef grow since its beginnings when it was still a small store in the Boqueria market that made gadgets that were often rare and difficult to obtain available to catering professionals. That store next to the Rambla has become a worldwide reference company for any chef, restaurant, kitchenware, and tableware distribution store, bartender, or professional who wants to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
Year after year they never cease to surprise their customers with innovations and novelties that leave everyone speechless.
I feel very honored and privileged to have worked closely with them for so many years and I have no doubt that they have a bright and limitless future ahead of them.”