Cocktail trend

Aromatic smoke-filled bubbles are setting trends in the world’s most prestigious cocktail bars, and are an element that adds fantasy and aroma not only to cocktails and drinks but also to tasting dishes or signature snacks. They add a smoky effect to any elaboration without using a cloche and also generate a surprising impact on diners. Despite its ease of execution, this technique has remained reserved due to the high price of cocktail guns and their lack of versatility.
Our team has worked to offer a solution to this problem and the result is the Genius Bubble Kit, a practical smoker that envelops the smoke inside bubbles. A simple device, easy to use, handle, clean, and transport, that brings the smoked bubble technique within reach of cocktail bars and restaurants that are constantly looking for novelty and experimentation.

Cóctel con burbuja ahumada entera y humo

Aromatic smoke-filled bubbles. What is that?

An aromatic smoke-filled bubble is a bubble made of a special food gel (Genius Bubble Solution) that adheres to the edge of any round container generating a dome on top of it or resting on a wet surface. Its thin flexible film can hold the smoke for 1 minute. The food gel is neutral: it does not contribute color, odor, or flavor. The contained smoke can be flavored with infinite flavors and nuances according to the elaboration: tobacco for Shisha, aromatic oils, herbs …

Making aromatic smoke bubbles with Genius Bubble Kit

Material required:

  • Genius Bubble Kit, containing: the Genius Bubble smoke gun, a bottle of Genius Bubble Solution, a bottle of beech smoking sawdust.
  • Glass, cup, or container with open corners and clean of other substances such as sugars or decorative salts and of course filled with the beverage.
  • A lighter.

La caja del Genius Bubble Kit Process:

  1. Sawdust preparation. Place the sawdust in the burner of your Genius smoker. Slightly moisten the sawdust: during this step, you can add essential oils to taste. For more details on the different flavoring and smoking techniques, we recommend this article and this video.
  2. Ignite the sawdust with a lighter by pressing the button on the Genius.
  3. Stop the device to place the tip in the gel.
  4. Press the button again to create the bubble dome on the cup or container.
  5. Gently pull the tip away from the Genius and at the same time release the button.
  6. The bubble filled with aromatic smoke is ready.
  7. It is very important to clean your device after each use, as the resin contained in the sawdust can gradually build up and clog the mechanism.

Video tutorial

Watch the following video to see step by step how to create aromatic smoke-filled bubbles with Genius Bubble Kit. At the end of the video, you will learn how to disassemble the device for cleaning and maintenance.

Link to video tutorial for making bubbles filled with aromatic smoke
Not just cocktails

Genius Bubble Kit is designed for easy use in both cocktail and gastronomy. Just keep in mind that to create the bubble dome you need a container with a round or oval rim, with straight or open walls facing outwards. Try the Genius Bubble Kit in combination with our porcelain eggs to serve small signature portions with a flavored smoke bubble on top. In addition, Genius Bubble Kit can be used as a traditional instant smoker using our cloches with valve.