Would you like to print your logo on a special bread, a lime peel, or on the sticks of your artisanal ice cream… but don’t know how to do it or which custom food marker to choose?

Here, and in this video, we explain point by point all the advantages and disadvantages of each 100%Chef custom food marker. You will be able to create creations that will leave a lasting impression.


custom food marker selection

The secret for impeccable results is to choose the type of custom food marker, as well as its format and size, being very clear about the objective, the frequency of use, and the type of product or support to be marked.

There are two types of custom food markers:

  • Electric, which operate by temperature and are ideal for frequent and quantity production
  • To press, ideal for a more flexible and punctual use

In the first group, we find:

custom food marker for burger buns


The Burger Electric Custom Food Marker:

for marking bread, burger buns, focaccias, tortillas, pita bread, rustic cakes, meat, wooden boxes or presentation pallets, and products that can withstand high temperatures. The body is made with stainless steel, and the custom logo is chrome-plated brass, with a power of 600W.

We can produce a 1000W power marker for specific applications.


electric custom food marker




The Electric Engraver for popsicle sticks, skewers, and kabobs. It has been designed with a slot to engrave with precision each stick in the same spot, with the logo straight and parallel to the edges. It is equipped with a regulator. Use it to adapt the engraving temperature to the thickness of the stick used.






Pressure Custom Food Markers

custom food marker for citrus peels




The Pressure Fire Marker, ideal for marking fruit and citrus peels, vegetables, fish, the base of montaditos or canapés, skewers, or wooden sticks. Its minimum thickness makes it very easy to be heated, either with a blowtorch or on the stove itself. It is very useful for making small production series.



custom food marker for ice




The Ice Custom Food Marker, with a chrome finish, works under pressure and leaves no unwanted flavors or aromas. When pressing on the ice cube, the temperature of the material itself will melt the part of the ice in contact with it. The ice cube is now marked with your logo. Its thickness is calculated to maintain room temperature as much as possible. You can then mark 4 or 5 ice cubes at a time. In order to streamline the service, prepare a mise en place with all the marked cubes beforehand.



custom food-grade wax seals



The Custom Wax Seal, reminiscent of old stationery items, is an embossing marker that works under pressure.

Use it for marking melted chocolates, dehydrated products, gelatine, and delicate pastry products.




food-grade silicone custom food marker





The Customized Silicone Seal is made with laser-cut food-grade silicone. It allows marking on glass, porcelain, plastic, and dehydrated products. Use flavored cocoa butter or colored with freeze-dried fruit or vegetable powder. It allows, for example, to mark a fingerprint with beet flavor, a leaf with basil flavor, a woman’s kiss with strawberry flavor… its use is ideal for cocktails.


Custom Food Marker for Liquid Nitrogen

liquid nitrogen custom food marker





Nitro Relief is a particularly thick embossing marker. It is designed to maintain the temperature as long as possible. Once immersed in liquid nitrogen, it reaches a temperature of -150°C. As a result, it allows marking by immediate freezing of ice cream, meringue, creams, and purees.



Each marker is available in various formats and sizes. Find all the options on the website: https://www.100x100chef.com/es/catalogo-chef/marcadores.

The designs and sizes are fully customizable. If you are looking for something special, contact us at orders@100x100chef.com

We will send you a proposal tailored to your needs.