Between the novelties of this year at 100%Chef, Click-it Kit is our little secret to save time and space, helping you to keep fresh longer the produce. This is an extremely useful item, ideal for saving space in your kitchen: it is so compact that it can simply be put in a drawer, using it when needed.

Click-it Kit is the easiest way to achieve sous-vide without a vacuum sealer- really easy and fast to use, it is adapted to be used both at home and in professional kitchens. Actually, Click-it Kit is really simple to use: adjust the valve on the bag, close the bag with the clip, pump out the air and you are set to go.

The Kit helps you to maintain fresh any kind of product: you can store cooked or fresh produce. Avoid to pack fresh vegetables, since they produce gas, so the bag swells.


How to preserve your food with Click-it Kit

For a better conservation, cook vegetables before packing them sous vide. Wrap meat or fish with a paper towel to absorb water before storing them in the bag. Wrap uncooked hamburgers or dumplings with plastic film before vacuuming.

Click-it Kit increases storage time of produce.
Click-it Kit is used also to store food in its original bag.


Click-it Kit: the Smart Vacuum System

The clip of the Click-it Kit allows you to seal any type of plastic bag for storage. Convert the bags of conditioned products into vacuum conservation bags. It preserves the freshness of grains, seeds, and coffee. Avoids the produce to become rancid. Marinate and cook perfectly meat and fish. Using our vacuum cooking bags, tested to withstand temperatures between -40 ° C and 100 ° C, you will achieve a perfect result with the immersion circulator Noon or Noon Force.

Click-it and its multiple uses

Click-it system has been designed to help you preserve your food. It is so versatile and compact that is ideal to be transported anywhere to save and protect also your items. At the beach, use it to protect your belongings from water and sand damages. Click-it Kit preserves the freshness of your snacks and keeps them crispy for a longer time. It is extremely useful when traveling, helping you to flat-pack small items minimizing the risk of loss. Due to its lightweight, it can be easily added to a travel luggage.

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