This is the secret of our marble plates. Elaborated piece by piece with marble of Macael by expert craftsmen whose expertise and know-how gives us the possibility to create small sculptures to take to the table.

Among all our creations we propose about 50 models, although the customer can make their own proposals varying color, shape or size in orders of at least 12 pieces. In addition to being beautiful, the stone plate can bring some temperature to the food, both hot and cold, as it resists extreme temperatures very well.

These are some of the marbles we have chosen to make the imagination of the Chefs come true.


White marble from Macael

It is the famous Spanish white marble. It is extracted in Macael, the municipality of Almeria that gives it its name. It has been a guest of honor in major architectural projects in the history and art of Spain. An example of this is the Patio de los Leones of the Alhambra.

The white Macael marble is calcite, with thick grain and homogeneous appearance.  It alternates white and grey shades in the form of glazes.

marble plates are made with stones from Macael


Serpentine Green Marble 

Also called Verde Oriental or Verde Guatemala. Its intense emerald green color highlights numerous very white streaks generating a strong contrast.  Veins and background create a set of great natural beauty and exoticism.


Travertines have natural colors such as sand, earth, beige and soft ochre. Depending on the type of cut they acquire one aspect or another. The treatment of the hollow also influences the aesthetics and final textures.

Triana Yellow 

Dolomite marble plates of yellow color are very similar in aspect to the wood. It presents numerous gray and ochre veins that run through a particular background that by its color reminds us of bamboo.

Marquina Black 

The intense black color of its base contrasts with the alternation of radiant white and fossil veins that run through it. Calcite is the main mineral in this rock, present in 98%. The purity and beauty of its formidable black color have allowed it to cover interior design projects currently referenced from the point of view of quality and exclusivity. It is one of the black marbles that enjoy greater recognition at the international level.

Pacific Gray 

Lead grey marble has the capacity to capture the light and its millimetric white veins to reflect it.

Oasis Brown 

A unique brown crystalline marble with brown tones and golden veins, it is considered a semi-precious stone. The intensity of its brown range is medium, very close to the cocoa tones.


craftsmen handcarving marble plates


Marble plates: advice and care for use in gastronomy:

We must have main attention and care when serving food on stone or marble plates, acid products vinegar, tomato sauce, dressings, etc. can leave white stains especially in colored marbles, so we must use clear marbles for these foods.

Polished plates are more resistant to stains than satin or matte ones.

marble plate cocoa bean


Our stone dishes have been subjected to strict sanitary controls, it is a noble material suitable for contact with food of all kinds, allowing with its color an elegant and modern presentation. As it is a natural product, we must first free the plates from any type of dust adhered to them; to do this we will brush them, one by one, with water and a non-metallic brush or sponge. We do not recommend the use of aluminum scourers, steel wool, or metal spiked brushes, as they could scratch and damage the surface of the plate. Then wash them with soap and water (it can be done in the dishwasher) and let them dry.

Once they are dry, we will impregnate them with abundant oil for food use (it is not recommended to use used oil), making sure that it covers all the surfaces and penetrates the entire plate as much as possible. We will wash the dishes again with more water and soap and we can use them normally. These operations can be repeated as many times as necessary throughout the life of the stone plates.