Which dry ice condenser is better for me?

In this article, we compare Dry Ice Black VS Triple to let you know which is the best for your needs.

Dry Ice Black are dry ice condensers, a compact tool to produce blocks and pellets in a few seconds.
Dry ice is the solid-state of carbon dioxide or CO2 and is obtained by reducing the pressure and temperature of liquid CO2 in a controlled manner.
The resulting ‘semi-compacted snow’ can be used directly or it can be compressed to form pellets and blocks of different diameters. Find out more uses and properties of dry ice in this article.

In order to understand which model fits your needs, you should answer the following questions:

  • Which quantity of dry ice do I need for each dish or glass?
  • How many plates do I make at the same time?
  • What is the number of plates or cocktails I prepare for each service?
  • Do I work a la carte or banquet?

Our suggestion for each answer

If you answer “my customers are coming little by little and I consume very little dry ice”, the right choice is Dry Ice Black 30 g. It allows fast, short, and convenient productions, ideal for little consumption (maximum 3 customers per production). It can be also used in combination with the Dry Ice Pellet in drinks and glasses with high edges.

Dry Ice Black VS Triple Dry Ice Black VS Triple








On the other hand, if you work with menus for groups, banquets, or events, or you want to create constant visual effects in your buffets, the best purchase will undoubtedly be Dry Ice Black Triple 150 g. This device rationalizes the production of large-size blocks. It is the best option for big consumption. It is able to produce more or less condensed blocks depending on the need, up to 150 g per block. This way, you can make and store dry ice in a small polystyrene box.

How to keep using Dry Ice and save money

Opposite to what you may think, CO2 consumption is not a relevant factor when choosing the best option between these two models. In fact, the consumption depends only on the time used to produce each block, not on the device. Consider that both condensers will guarantee savings because they reduce the loss of CO2. They are made of nylon fabric that keeps the condensed gas inside without CO2 leaks for pressure outside. In the meantime, it avoids any excess pressure inside. For this reason, the evaporation is minimal compared to other condensers on the market.
Most importantly, we recommend finding a good supplier or choosing big containers of CO2: this is surely the best way to save money.

Video tutorials

Dry Ice Black and Triple are safe and silent, they are perfect to make dry ice during the service and even in front of the customer.
You can see how both devices work, and compare Dry Ice Black VS Triple by watching the following videos:

Dry Ice Black video Dry Ice Black Triple video





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