A new series of 6 Girovap video tutorials is now available on YouCook, the online channel for professionals by 100%Chef.

Access all the information you need to learn how to use the new table-top distiller that has come to revolutionize cooking and mixology.

What is distillation?

The first Girovap video tutorial explains in a very concise way the basic principles of distillation. Be inspired, learn new ways of thinking about ingredients in the kitchen, in pastry and at the bar.

Distillation with Girovap reaches new results, maximizing all the properties of the base ingredients you will want to use in the elaboration of your recipes. From the redistillation of any alcoholic beverage enriched with unique flavors and aromas, to the elaboration of hydrolats and tinctures to be used in cocktails or in cooking to prepare sweet or savory recipes, the Girovap distiller is the ally of creative cuisine.

Girovap VS Rotovap

The breakage of the Rotovap flask is a common and very frequent problem: it is a very delicate piece, adapted to the work in a chemical laboratory rather than to the use in a professional kitchen.

Girovap solves three problems of the Rotovap at the same time:

  • It allows recovering the entire contents of the flask, also in the case of very concentrated pastes and thick masses.
  • It is sturdy, dishwasher-proof, and resistant to daily use as only a real kitchen tool can do.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, with no risk of accidental breakage.

These and other features are contained in the Girovap video tutorial number 2: “What makes Girovap so special”.

You can view all Girovap videos on our YouCook page here.