Re-distillation of alcohol with the addition of flavors and aromas

Prepare your own alcohols by customizing each one of them to the letter, getting flavors and aromas never before achieved. You can make your own recipes and customize them to get always the same blended. Controlling the alcohol strength of exact form.

Distillation of hydrolates, aromatic elements, and essences

Make your own concentrated vegetable hydrolates and get pure and natural flavors to flavor any preparation or prepare concentrated alcohol-based tinctures to give unique touches to all your cocktails or marinades.

Extraction of alcohols (wines, liquors, and perfumes)

Extract the alcohols to reduce the alcoholic strength of spirits, punches, creams or liquors to be used in the elaboration of ice cream, chocolate or flavoring of all types of sauces and gelatins.

Breakdown and recomposition of alcohols

Produce your own liqueurs from pure alcohol or base liqueur, re-distilling them quickly and effortlessly, make your own menu of grappa, vodka, or high or low alcohol distillates. Apply perfume-making techniques to cocktail-making.

Cold reductions and concentrations

Concentrate flavors, textures and colors of sauces, broths, juices, vegetable or floral waters, fruit purées, dairy, egg products, and so on, everything at low temperature without loss of color, or sacrificing the properties of the ingredients.

Water extraction in marinated oils or fats

Extraction of water contained in marinated fats with products containing water, obtaining pure oils or fats without a drop of water.

* The user manual of the distiller for gastronomy includes detailed explanations and a brief initiation course to understand the processes of the combination between vacuum and temperature.

Why buy Girovap?

The distillation for kitchen

In the distillation, we find different applications that allow the Chefs to create incredible flavors to personalize their dishes. We can distill and extract aromatic elements, essences, alcohols, and hydrolates. Concentration is also possible with the cold reduction of flavors in sauces, juices, broths, juices or purees.

All of them add up to enough reasons and with a wide enough spectrum to approach this technique and develop a specific equipment that adapts to the needs of the cook, pastry cook or ice cream maker, both in production and cost as well as in maintenance, and that also manages to facilitate the process a lot.

The distillation for cocktail-making

Bartenders have been among the first to see new applications for their production area. Redistilling alcohol with the aim of fixing unique and personal flavors and aromas with which to give the combined author’s nuances.

Bitters and tinctures, the use of hydrolats in ice or cocktails are some of the new techniques that Bartenders have added to take immediate advantage of distillation while creating a new era in cocktail making.

Limitations of the current offer

The tool that chefs and barmen use today is the “Rotavapor”, a laboratory version that has not been thought out or designed for the needs of chefs or bartenders and, despite its high sophistication and high price, does not allow them to do everything that professionals want.

The lack of precise control over the internal temperature of the flask forces the user to perform the water bath at a temperature of at least 20°C above the optimum distillation temperature.

Technically, this equipment is so complex and delicate that it makes difficult to support the real needs of the chefs. The difficult maintenance and the fragility of many of their parts make them only suitable for “handymen”.

The low water tightness of the rotary-steam system makes it difficult to determine and maintain an exact pressure throughout the process and forces us to work continuously and all the time with a vacuum pump (membrane type) in order to ensure a convenient and constant degree of vacuum. This system makes the useful life of these pressure equipment considerably shorter. This does not happen if they have been designed to withstand vapors and alcohols, in which case we are already talking about high-end equipment with a high investment cost.

Girovap is the most compact professional distiller for gastronomy in the market

Main advantages

Lower cost of production: better final price

After a culinary rethink of the system of making these products, a new design much more resistant, appropriate and versatile. The price of spare parts is also much lower.

Easy Handling: Simpler training

Girovap simplifies the preparation and assembly of the equipment in each processing, allowing that with very little knowledge the distiller can be made to work in total safety.

Higher temperature accuracy: Differential products

The new design of the professional distiller for gastronomy Girovap allows working with a probe inserted inside the flask, in order to control exactly and in real-time the internal temperature, improving the quality of the final product from the culinary point of view.

High vacuum level: better production at low temperature

Its double body pump achieves a suction of 15 liters/minute. Thanks to its two independent heads, although joined by a patented system, it allows reaching a vacuum level of -0.97 bar (Relative Pressure). As it is a membrane pump, it does not need continuous maintenance, its system of membrane and head allows the exit of any humidity that may escape during the distillation.

Multiple applications in a single unit: the creation of new products

With Girovap, we can work with many more techniques and take advantage of its accessories and components for other preparations, allowing us to combine its different modules with other equipment and use the body of the distiller as a parameter controller, emulsify thickeners and products with a great power of vacuum aeration, infusion or impregnation, low-temperature cooking, etc. reducing unnecessary investment costs.

High capacity and speed: higher profitability

The tasks to be carried out independently of the techniques are very clear and differentiated, the ease of assembly, the safety with which the work is carried out, and the cleaning tasks, generate greater productivity and profitability.

Modular accessories | Extendable to every need

This distiller has multiple accessories that allow us to personalize the productions and to solve some problems of boiling and bubbling that have some products.

Large opening cups: easy access to the product

Its 15 cm diameter cups allow easy access to the resulting product with total utilization.

Easy maintenance: fewer breakdowns

All its components are robust as needed, they resist to dishwasher, facilitating daily work after use.

Reduced size | Easy installation

Its size is small compared to other equipment, besides it is very easy to install and very quiet.

Made in Spain: impeccable technical service

Easy to install maintenance and spare parts service. In-house technical service.

3 points that differentiate GIROVAP

1 – Diaphragm vacuum pump

The professional distiller for gastronomy Girovap is equipped with a double diaphragm vacuum pump with a suction of 15 liters/minute. Its two independent heads are joined by a patented system. This allows to reach a vacuum level comparable to oil bath vacuum pumps guaranteeing -0.97 bar (Relative Pressure). As it is a diaphragm pump, it does not need continuous maintenance, its system allows the exit of humidity.




2 – Distillation vessel  

The Rotovapors have a glass where the main ingredient is put, this glass is called a flask. In conventional equipment, its capacity is usually 2 liters. Rotating the product inside it to increase the evaporation area limits its load to half.  Girovap cups do not rotate, so they can be loaded up to 75% of their real capacity.

Girovap works with 2.5 L in its 3-liters cup or up to 3.5 L in the 5-liters cup.  Any vacuum sealing element turns, with no seals or small leaks due to the wear and tear of materials due to rotation, so the vacuum level will always be the same.

Its lid has a probe that measures the exact temperature of the steam and a regulating tap to control the vacuum level. In addition, it can be used to introduce more liquid into the cup without interrupting the process.

3 – Magnetic rotation system

One of the most innovative parts of the professional distiller for gastronomy Girovap, apart from its impeccable pump, is its rotation system. It generates a perfect homogenization of temperature with all types of ingredients, if not the possibility of generating a giant Vortex to increase the maximum evaporation surface. Its powerful traction together with different accessories allows working with semi-solid ingredients. Its blades allow working with a high degree of vacuum. When working with foaming products, the blades capture the foam, preventing it from escaping out of the chamber and into the collection area.







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