Malibu Caviar Cocktail made with the technique of direct spherification

The Malibu Caviar Cocktail is a recipe by Antonio Lai. Mixologists and bartenders interpret the use of direct spherification making small pearls to add to cocktails. Texturized cocktails are one of the tendencies that make possible the encounter between the bar and cuisine techniques.

You can also use similar liqueurs to adapt this recipe to your cocktails, adding an extra touch of surprise with little bursts of flavor suspended in the drinks.
The original recipe of Malibu Caviar Cocktail by Antonio Lai, author of Multisensory Mixology

30 ml Malibu Coconut Rum
20 ml Absolut Mango Vodka
30 ml coconut cream
50 ml fresh mango juice
15 ml simple syrup (proportion 1:1)

Make the Malibu Caviar with Coconut Rhum using the technique of direct spherification with Caviar Box.
Take out the Malibu Caviar spheres from the gluco bath and place them into a cup, or in the drinkware chosen for the presentation.
Mix mango juice, Absolut Mango vodka and the syrup with the ice then blend.
Pour the mango mixture into the cup.
To achieve the final result, add coconut cream on top and serve and let your guests enjoy!

Antonio Lai usually presents this cocktail in a highball glass.
We propose a presentation in the porcelain glass Ostrich Egg: a singular piece with character, ideal to serve your Malibu Caviar Cocktail with Mango and Coconut.