The wet grinder  Twin Stones is a table top tilting melanger designed especially for cooks and pastry chefs. Prepared for intensive professional use, it allows you to create perfectly refined, fluid and elastic textures.

Make Twin Stones your best ally and unleash your creativity.  Create countless combinations from ingredients such as solid fats, liquid fats, hibiscus flower, mint, dehydrated beetroot, vanilla…

Thinking on ingredients

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What can you do with the Twin Stones melanger?

The Twin Stones melanger allows you to make flavoured oils with orange, blackberry, coconut, tomato, etc., taking them to their maximum expression; customised butters with a huge variety of flavours and aromas from ingredients such as ceps, beetroot, vanilla or anchovies; pralines and savoury pastries with an assortment of flavours, raspberry, carrot, green olive, and even pork rind.

Create a variety of unique flavoured chocolate toppings using freeze-dried and Taste-to-Bar style spices. Or even make your melanger chocolate “Bean-to-Bar” from the cocoa bean and give it your own unique twist. Thanks to its refining capacity of less than 20 microns, it achieves an incredibly refined, impalpable, fluid and elastic texture.

The versatility of this machine allows it to play in different fields, opening up hundreds of possibilities such as the preparation of pure nut pastes, natural or roasted, signature mustards. Twin Stones produces flour doughs, rice creams, fruit pastes for jams, even with their candied skin, so perfectly refined that you don’t even have to sieve them.

Flavored oils

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Enter this festival of the senses, play with colours, textures and flavours with this wet grinder machine designed for professional use.

All recipes and techniques with the Twin Stones Conching Machine are available free of charge at YouCook