Which one do I need? Noon or Noon Force? Which one is better for my professional kitchen?

Discover the differences between the Noon or Noon Force to choose the model that best responds to your service demands. To begin with, vacuum cooking at low temperature with the Noon or Noon Force needs few tools. In addition, the equipment is very easy to use. Vacuum cooking at a low temperature allows a precise and repeatable result. Everyday work is easier. It is also possible to adapt traditional recipes, controlling production. In addition, vacuum cooking allows control of quantities and portions. In this way, a non-equipped space becomes a kitchen.

Used daily in Michelin-starred kitchens such as ABAC by Jordi Cruz, the Noon is a tool very versatile and easy to maintain. To learn more about how to clean and maintain it, read our Cleaning and maintenance article here.

Noon or Noon Force: the thermostat that allows you to program a water bath at a controlled time and temperature.

In fact, vacuum cooking with the low-temperature method can be adapted to any type of kitchen, independently of the proposed menu that you want to develop. Choosing between a Noon and a Noon Force involves a series of previous considerations.

Knowing the production volumes and service needs is the key to effectively equip a professional kitchen. The advantage of thermostat sous-vide circulators is to add a workstation anywhere. This multiplies the capabilities of your restaurant. In addition, the cooking techniques performed with Noon or Noon Force can be used to prepare starters, main courses, and desserts.

What volume of water do I need to heat? What temperature setting do I use?

Noon Classic can boil up to 27 liters of water. This volume refers to a thermostat that works at full capacity (water reaches 100°C). In case of heating the water to a lower temperature, the maximum volume of water that can be heated will be higher. For example, if we need to cook at a temperature of 60°C, with Noon Classic we can heat up to 54 liters of water.

Noon Force allows heating practically twice the volume in the same amount of time. Water reaches temperature more quickly, more efficiently. In addition, this allows the preparation of larger quantities, which makes it ideal for large productions, for continuous service or for catering and banquets.

Noon or Noon Force – Comparative Table


27 L 100°C 54 L

35 L 80°C 65 L

45 L 70°C 75 L

54 L 60°C 100 L

This table shows the inverse relationship between the amount of water that can be heated and the temperature reached with the Noon or Noon Force. In the product data sheet, we indicate the maximum amount of water heated by the appliance at a maximum rate. It is convenient to keep an area in the kitchen for low-temperature cooking machines. A share of them can ensure production. Others circulators can be used to keep some foods at service temperature. In this way, you get to control the production. At the same time, to maintain an effective record of the rations that are produced and used in a service. Also, vacuum cooking at low temperature is a good resource for caterings and for companies of collectivities.

Which kind of container is better to use with a circulator Noon or Noon Force?

The installation of the Noon or Noon Force is very simple and fast. Depending on the material of the vessel used for the water bath, there may be a more or less large vapor leak. The best option is to use an insulated bucket. A stainless steel thermal container with a lid, designed to fit perfectly with both Noon or Noon Force models. The lid prevents evaporation and the consequent loss of water temperature. Using a closed lid also helps to avoid evaporation. You can also use a GN container with its lid.

Security Features – Cooking safe with Noon or Noon Force

To ensure optimal cooking, keep the lid closed avoiding the evaporation of water. The Noon or Noon Force are equipped with a probe that measures both the temperature and the water level. The security system of the device turns it off if it detects that the water level is below the minimum. Following hygienic standards, it is essential to monitor the temperature and cooking time. Even if the Noon is turned off automatically, it is very important to maintain the temperatures provided by the recipe. One of the fundamental aspects that we have to monitor is that the temperature remains stable to ensure the hygiene of the food. For more information about the current protocols, you can find a complete document prepared by the Generalitat de Catalunya here.

Accessories for Noon or Noon Force

A fundamental element of vacuum cooking at low temperature is a vacuum machine. There are different types, from the machines for domestic use to the bell machines for large productions. For continued use, we recommend a bell machine to close different bags at the same time.

The cuvette can be equipped with a series of accessories to heat different types of preparations. For example, the subject siphons will help you maintain siphons and bottles at a correct service temperature. A grid can be used to separate the bags. this way, the vacuum bags are kept at the correct temperature and it is easier to sort and remove them from the water bath. To learn more about the different existing vacuum machines and types of vacuum bags read here:

Click-it kit: how to cook sous vide without using a countertop vacuum sealer?

In conclusion, to find out how the low-temperature circulators from the Noon or Noon Force series work, here you can see the videos of YouCook, the 100% Chef video channel. Only for professionals, this free channel was born to inform about the techniques that can be performed with our products.  Access to all the contents in an unlimited way by creating a personalized profile.