The OCOO cooking pot is a very useful tool for professional chefs.

To prepare pre-elaborations, broths or sauces.

The technical characteristics of the OCOO cooking pot have been inspired by a traditional Korean cooking pot. The original pot is made of bronze, a  particularly heavy material. Used to make the lid and the pot, it prevents the steam created inside the pot from escaping. The pressure inside the pot is concentrated. This way, the pot is transformed into a pressure cooker.

By adding a digital control, the OCOO cooking pot reproduces this method. It is designed to cook rice, stews and creams. Use the cooking programs to obtain a clarified broth with different levels of toasting. The final color depends on the duration of the cooking program and the ingredients used.

The OCOO cooking pot is versatile and automatic

Having a cooking program configured allows the realization of repeatable recipes. The biggest advantage of automatic cooking with OCOO is the possibility of preparing in advance. So you can prepare broths, funds or royales. The food used does not burn, and the pot does not either. It does not need continuous control. Activate the desired program. The OCOO cooking pot works quietly in a corner of the kitchen without the need to stir or froth. Once the broth has cooled, it can be degreased like any other broth.

OCOO cooking pot can be used to cook with fat content. For gastronomic preparations it is an added advantage. The number of customers asking us that the kitchen is not only delicious, but also healthy.

To start using the OCOO cooking pot, we recommend reproducing traditional recipes. In this way you can discover the differences with the cooking methods normally used for their preparation. Later you can experiment and adapt the recipes of your menu.

OCOO is very versatile. After a little practice, the OCOO cooking pot will be an ally in your professional kitchen. It is easier to use than a pressure cooker. Use it for low temperature cooking, with or without vacuum bags.

In addition, OCOO cooking pot can be used to make cakes and desserts. It works as a steam bath. You can perform bake-marie cooking at a controlled temperature.  Put the serving and cooking vessels inside the inner pot. Then select the appropriate program. For example, you can prepare a perfect royale. Select the maximum temperature of 95°C. Cook for 1 hour/1 hour and a half (depending on the size of the ramequins you use).