Whether designing a dessert menu or making unique and surprising candies, pastry tools are a fundamental aspect if we want to ensure a consistent result and a professional finish.

Before all, the preservation of the ingredients

If we work with foods that are sensitive to humidity, such as dry or freeze-dried products, additives, crunchy foods, etc., it is ideal to store them in a protected atmosphere or a vacuum bag or box.

To create a protected atmosphere, air is often replaced by an inert gas, which serves to prevent damage to food. Silica gel can also be used to absorb excess moisture.

Thanks to our special 31-liter containers, equipped with a very low consumption electronic hygrometer (9V), we can determine the degree of humidity required without having to resort to vacuum (no plastic bags, no silica gel, no inert gas). This method of preservation is ideal for ingredients that are used very often because it is enough to open and close the container to access them, just as we would do with a simple plastic container.

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Depending on the amount of food we want to keep, there is also the option of purchasing an ultra-dry food cabinet with three doors.


Free-style en decoración: DJ Food Decor

Easy, fast and with unique possibilities, the DJ Food Decor automatic turntable is specifically designed to help you decorate plates, cakes, pies, trays, verrines, and cups.

It’s very stable and resists up to 8 kg of weight, unlike non-kitchen appliances such as a record player. Also, it is very simple to use. Place the product on the base, regulate the speed, change the direction of rotation … and that’s it! Perfect for painting with chocolate or for airbrush, it is a very useful complement also for presentations of trays, fruit carvings, ice sculptures, chocolate or sugar in buffets or display furniture. You can use food pencils, brushes, sauces in bottles, pastry sleeves… The decoration possibilities are infinite and its solidity and stability ensure a professional finish.

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Work with sugar without having to use a lamp

Hot Mat is a device made of food-grade silicone with adjustable temperature up to 90°C / 194°F. Designed to work isomalt, sugar or chocolate without the need for a lamp. It’s completely different from other tools that require a lot of space and previous installation.

Candies, dough and lactic fermentation, maintenance and tempering of baths, sauce coatings, chocolate paints, and gelatines… the chef sets the limit.

Flexy Hot Mat is also used for maintaining meals at the ideal serving temperature in buffets, for drying and also dehydration. A roll-up and easily transportable solution that turns any surface into a work area.

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Prepare decorative complements and extra ingredients

The dehydration process is a very effective resource for maintaining the properties of food and its color. Protected from humidity and light, dehydrated foods are preserved for up to two years.

Playing with the different degrees of dehydration, we will obtain different textures… From crunchy chips to delicious jelly beans or also vegetables jerky or purees.

The 9 tray dehydrator Excalibur 4926TM ia a compact and useful solution for confectionery. Its dehydrating surface area reaches 1 m².

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And although this is the end of our baking tools special, there are still many to see. You can take a look at the whole pastry tools catalog by clicking here