Dress up your restaurant for upcoming parties

The winter holiday season is approaching, and from 100%Chef we want to help you elaborate the best proposals that turn the moment to sit at the table of your restaurant into a special experience. Surprise your customers with special effects while they enjoy their family celebrations, among friends or at work.

All our dishes are designed to enhance your recipes and show their beauty, above all, as a stunning visual presentation is key to the promotion of any restaurant.


Presentation plate in the form of a tree trunk made of porcelain. A line designed for tastings, aperitifs or small fours. Resistant to intensive daily use and dishwashing.
Reference: 210/0063
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Instagram and custom edible screen printing

Today, Instagram is a key reference when it comes to choosing a restaurant to dine in. Beyond the description of their menu and concept, good quality images effectively present their work and manage to turn curious visitors into customers. The personalization goes through the dishes themselves, but also through the combination of ingredients. Why not use a custom edible silkscreen to indicate the elements of a dish, or complement it with a texture to match the theme of your restaurant? Let’s take a look at some examples:



Discover “Serigrafood”

Now you can print on a flat plate, in just 5 seconds and as many times as you want. Print any drawing or writing, logo or design with sauces, butter, fruit purees. With this technique, you can make any design and present dishes in infinite ways and flavors.

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Minimalist or baroque plates?

Discover all the possibilities of our catalog to show sophisticated dishes in high-end marble dishes, or serve traditional food with our enameled or terracotta casseroles.

When thinking of a plate, anything is possible: explore all the shapes that already exist in our catalog or design your own. Resin plates can be produced to order and from a few units with different colors or finishes, such as a replica of an organic shape or with crazy interpretations to highlight your recipes.



Original plates designed with resin for funny plates! Contact us to learn more about the possibilities of customization and prototyping from 24 units.

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