The Premier Chocolate Refiner is specifically designed for professional use and stands out as one of the best options for chocolate refining. Unlike many table-top conching machines available on the market, the Premier Chocolate Refiner offers a drive system and mechanical components tailored to the needs of conching, thus meeting the requirements of professionals.

This type of equipment, also known as stone mills, conching machines or refiners, allows the production of extremely fine purees or pastes integrating flavours and different foods, resulting in unique and differential products with very little effort. Although there are various models on the market, vertical table-top refiners, such as the Premier Chocolate Refiner, are particularly effective for this purpose.

Refiner Chocolate Premier
Premier Chocolate Refiner


What is low impact refining?

The Premier Chocolate Refiner has been meticulously designed to make chocolate, pralines and pure nut pastes from scratch. It has been completely re-engineered to maximise performance, ensure durability of the motor and parts, without sacrificing efficiency. This makes it the preferred choice of artisan chocolatiers around the world. Chocolatiers can be confident that they are using a machine created specifically to meet the needs of chocolate refining, delivering high quality results and reliability in every use.

Low impact refining is a process that disintegrates the product into particles so fine that they become impalpable, thanks to the rotating friction of two granite stones. This method preserves the nutrients and freshness of the product to the maximum by being carried out at a low temperature.

What makes this process special is how the stones apply pressure gradually, preventing the extraction of oils and fats, and reincorporating them into the fibres of the original product. This not only ensures a silky smooth texture, but also prevents overheating of the product, keeping its quality and flavour intact.

Premier Chocolate Refiner
Premier Chocolate Refiner

What is the working capacity of the Premier Refinery?

The working capacity of the Premier refiner varies according to the type of product being processed. For chocolates or pure pastes, it is recommended not to exceed half the height of the rotating stones. Exceeding this volume can prolong the refining process, which exposes the food to increased oxidation and temperature, resulting in loss of aromas, nutrients and colour browning. In the case of more liquid products, such as fats, alcohols or honeys, they can be worked up to two thirds of the height of the granite stones. However, in order to guarantee a good use and durability of the equipment, it is recommended not to exceed 3.5 kilos in any case.

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Applications of a pastry refiner

Refiners, especially conching machines, are essential tools for pastry businesses, especially those specialising in chocolate. They are also perfect allies in restaurant confectionery. With a refiner, you can produce your own chocolate from roasted cocoa nibs (bean to bar), flavour dark, milk or white chocolates with spices, freeze-dried or liqueurs (taste to bar), creating unique and signature chocolates. In addition, you can produce pure nut or seed pastes and signature pralines, saving money with little effort.

In this context, the Confi Kit machine is a good ally, as it is the essential complement to effortlessly coat, coat and caramelise all types of chocolate, caramel, gelatine and flour paste. Learn more.

Applications of a refiner in the kitchen

Knowing the advantages of this machine, cooks have also started to use it. With a refiner, they can flavour honeys, fats such as butter, mustards, moles, hummus, pestos, jams, gingerbread spreads and impalpable powders, as well as create unique ingredients.

Applications of a refiner in the cocktail industry

Bartenders have been the last to incorporate this tool in their preparations. The conchadora allows products to be incorporated into spirits in a unique way. Limoncello and other varieties, intense marinades, spices and flowers are integrated perfectly, becoming almost invisible. Fruits become fine pastes for flavouring liqueurs or cocktail preparations, and many of these preparations are redistilled in Girovap or clarified with Centricook.

How long does it take for the chocolate to be fully refined?

Under optimal conditions, it is estimated that it takes between 48 and 72 hours to fully refine the chocolate, reaching a particle size of around 20 microns. This results in a smooth and silky texture, free of lumps.

However, time is not the only determining factor in this process. Temperature, the amount of chocolate and the pressure of the stones also play a crucial role. The ambient temperature and the temperature of the ingredients are particularly important, as a higher temperature facilitates the release of the cocoa butter, speeding up the refining process. In addition, proper stone pressure is essential to achieve uniform refining.

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