We recommend having a pleasant time reading about the history of cutlery and learn in detail incredible stories and anecdotes totally unknown and forgotten. Its beginning is born thousands of years ago, just since the human being is considered as such, crockery made with bone, wood, copper, bronze, iron, until reaching the steel, even having also passed through a bath of alpaca or gold until the latest fabrications with technological materials and treatments of last generation.

All of them in every era, with more or less refinements and with really curious stories around them, diverse origins and cultures and more or less refined uses.

Table warehas always accompanied food and has been an indispensable element at the same level as plates, glasses or cups.

The most refined cutlery is composed of several specially designed and characteristic cutlery for each food, from the carving spoon, soup spoon, dessert or ice cream, cutlery for fish, teaspoon for coffee or tea, cutlery for butter or cheese, tongs for snails or seafood, etc. all of them are totally indispensable elements even have a certain position in the gastronomic altar.

Their shape, size, thickness, aesthetics, finish, color or material are undoubtedly the characteristics that give cutlery its characteristic appearance.

| Having the right crockery becomes indispensable

Tenedor de carne

Today’s gastronomy has reached a really interesting point where we must stop to reflect between the past and the present. In these last 20 years its continuous evolution is living an authentic revolution. Never in history has gastronomy had so much social relevance.

Well, we claim from this blog that the cutlery has been an element that has unexpectedly been very little evolved by manufacturers. Crockery and glassware have gained, thanks to the Chefs themselves, a prominence at the table far above the tableware, and have relegated to a third plane one of the most important elements when it comes to be able to take the food to the mouth.

Nevertheless, portions have decreased and the refinement of some dishes make it essential to find the appropriate cutlery to taste it. Tasting menus have relegated the main course to a non-existent level, where liquid appetizers, suspended solids, aerial and ethereal elements in each composition, broths or infusions accompany and surround all types of food, ingredients from the 5 continents are present in today’s cuisine, fusion of flavors and cultures.

In this type of restaurants the portions are small and austere with the intention of concentrating in small mouthfuls explosions of flavor. Dishes with an infinite number of shapes and natural supports, have been able to find and adapt to these changes, but not the cutlery. Their size is often their main problem, spoons designed to sink into a broth, knives and forks grotesquely sized to face such delicacies. In this new menu needs, cutlery has a great field to express a whole new world of possibilities, which, for us, makes a great creative opportunity.

| A few companions at the level of tasting

The arrival of more specific cutlery, designed to meet any requirement or refinement to prick, cut, spread, hunt in a liquid, in short, taste and enjoy every bite.

These experimental cutlery such as LAB and KODAI are a before and after in restaurant cutlery.
The size and shape of each piece of cutlery are the real novelty. Each collection was designed with the aim of influencing every detail within the menu and offering the diner a unique and different experience with the arrival of each new dish.

The adaptation of details, thicknesses and textures give each piece a special value. The cutlery now accompanies the act of tasting intended by the chef.

Now the table is ready and set!