In 2003, the first edition of the Madrid Fusión congress was held, and it was there that the smoking pipe was used for the first time. The brothers Joan and Jordi Roca surprised everyone by using it on their plate of octopus on plastic film, where small balls of aromatic paprika smoke came out every time the diner took a small piece of the dish with their spoon. This was the first time that cooks used smoke as an olfactory element when tasting a dish.


What was the origin of the smoking pipe?

In 2004, in Barcelona, the gastronomic bookshop Buffet & Ambigú in the Mercat de la Boquería launched the first smoker or smoke pipe on the market. This smoking device that fits in one hand was basically a pipe for smoking weed.

This “pipe” was available in specialised GrowShops, but its original mechanism was actually a computer keyboard hoover. Similar devices of lesser quality soon followed.

However, the smoker had a major problem: its plastic propeller melted because the sawdust bowl was too close to the propeller, and the heat from the blowtorch damaged it with continuous use. To solve this problem, we decided to find a solution by extending the length of the device using an aluminium tube, which resulted in the first Aladin. We then designed the first aluminium pipe using the engine of the firstborn Aladin, and this first model was called the Aladin Pro, and was first sold in 2005.


The creation of the Super Aladin

Súper Aladín
Super Aladin smoking gun

After their launch, these models of smokers began to be in great demand by chefs all over the world who wanted to experiment with new olfactory sensations in their dishes. It was then, in 2006, that the first Super Aladin was introduced to the market, a patented all-metal model that allowed the production of aromatic and cold smoke.
This innovative device allowed the addition of cotton wool impregnated with aromatic oils underneath the combustion chamber. With the advent of the Super Aladin, a first manual was written that included cold smoking techniques, explaining the proper use and main applications of this device.

Here you can retrieve and download part of this material which explains those techniques that allow us to differentiate the correct use of smoke from the bad practices that continue to be generated, such as, for example, using a blowtorch or generating extremely yellow smoke or with unsuitable woods.

The first hoods with valve for smoking dishes

In 2007, we designed the borosilicate glass hoods specifically for smoking with Aladin

In 2008, chef Jordi Cruz, who was a regular customer of these cooking devices, advised us to make a hole in the hoods to facilitate the entry of smoke. This is how the first hood with a valve came about, and it was patented as Aladin Cover that same year. 

Subsequently, we developed various models and sizes of hoods to suit different culinary needs and applications.

Campana Aladín 14 cm
Aladin Covers 14 cm

In 2008, we received a call from our distributor in Japan, DAC.CO, who asked us about the possibility of selling the smoker in the country. 

The device had become very popular in Japanese culture, and had even included a special chapter in a manga magazine explaining how to use the Aladin Cover

Comic Aladin
Japanese comic book explaining how to use the Aladin Cover

At that time, the smoker was distributed in many countries and had become a staple in state-of-the-art kitchens around the world.

This smoker was a pioneer and laid the foundation for the development of other models of horizontal smoking guns, such as those from Polyscience in the United States.

The first Aladin Aromatic

In 2011, the Aladin Aromatic was launched, a flavouring based on the contamination of the air inside containers with aromatic oil

During this period, we collaborared with Antonio Lai for the presentation of cocktails with smoke bubbles, which provided unique cocktail experiences. However, the project was hampered by the difficulty of finding a soap with an edible seal, which eventually led us to abandon the project

Aladin Aromatic

Aladdin family expands with the arrival of the Aladdin 007 Pistol

Various technical improvements were implemented until the new Aladin 007 was introduced to the market in 2012, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the first film of “Agent 007 vs. Dr. No.”

The launch of the new Aladin 007 was a response to requests from several bartender friends who were already using our Super Aladin smoker to smoke their cocktails. Some of these bartenders include Antonio Lai in Hong Kong and Javier Caballero in Barcelona, Dario Comini Notthingham Forest in Milan, all of whom gave us fantastic signature recipes using our smokers. Some of these recipes are included in the books Liquid Experience (Javier Caballero) 2014 and Addicted to Multisensory Mixology (Antonio Lai) 2013 and Cocktail del Nottingham Forest (Dario Comini) 2013. There were many other clients who delighted us with incredible creations, and who have been the ones who have made this technique evolve, to the point of being a classic on the menus of many cocktail bars.

This new version of the smoker was designed with aesthetics and the need to create an elegant image at the bar in mind, which involved a renovation in terms of its image, size and colour.

Pistola de ahumado Aladín 007
Smoking Gun Aladin 007

With this launch, the Aladin CD smoking disc was introduced. This perspex disc contains a valve in the centre and is used to infuse smoke into drinks, ice, tartares, pickles, desserts, oils and more. This allows bartenders to add a smoky touch to their cocktail creations.

Subsequently, new borosilicate glass bells specifically for cocktail smoking emerged, such as the Aladdin Cocktail and Aladdin Long Drink, which offer additional options for perfecting the art of cocktail smoking. 

Improvements were made to the smokers over a number of years to make them easier to use and maintain. 

Aladín CD
Aladin CD

Various prototypes came out with a magnetic propeller that closed the problem of the resins, other prototypes for smoking large containers, smokers in which the smoke passed through a coil bathed in ice to obtain a very heavy smoke, which was deposited on the plate. 

The cocktail bar a source of inspiration

The cocktail bar continued to be a source of inspiration for us, which led to the development of the Aladin Station. This device is designed to keep the smoker in a horizontal position, which makes it safer and more comfortable during the filling of the hoods.
In addition, Aladin Station has the advantage of disposing of the resin residues released during combustion in a container, which simplifies the cleaning and maintenance of the smoker.

Aladín Station
Aladin Station

Aladin Genius

In 2021, Aladin Genius, a small smoker that allows smoke to be enclosed in an elastic film (soap-like) inside a bubble and deposited on drinks and dishes, which, when burst, releases its aroma and visual effect. This device will eventually become the replacement of the first and original Aladin device, which was still being sold since 2004.

Genius Bublle Kit
Genius Bubble Kit

007 Flavour Aladin: the aroma gun with aromatic vapours

In 2023, coinciding once gain with International James Bond Day, we are launching the innovative 007 Flavour, a new flavouring device that allows you to attach non-nicotine vapers to the head of the device. It is also capable of creating stable bubbles with the food-safe Bubbler solution. Perfect for serving in cups and on plates.

 In addition, it allows for easy exchange of aromas, maintenance and the use of rechargeable batteries.

007 Flavour

The 007 Flavour represented a more user-friendly, economical and robust development compared to its predecessor on the market, the famous and market-leading Flavour Blaster®. In addition, an extensive collection of flavours and a refillable vaper were launched to complete the range.

The Aladdin Conversion Kit: The perfect complement for your smokers.

With our loyal customers in mind, we accompanied the launch of the 007 Flavour with the Aladin Conversion Kit accessory, which allows the 007 and Super Aladin smokers to be transformed into aromatic vaporisers.

In addition, this presentation included new illuminated bells, such as Light Year and Aladin Long Drink Tube, which allow to give colour to the aromatic vapour and smoke from the combustion of the sawdust, adding an attractive visual element to the flavouring experience.

Pensando en nuestros fieles clientes, acompañamos el lanzamiento de la 007 Flavour con el accesorio Kit Conversión Aladín, que permite transformar los ahumadores 007 y Super Aladín en vaporizadores aromáticos. Además, esta presentación incluyó nuevas campanas iluminadas, como Light Year y Aladín Long Drink Tube, que permiten dar color al vapor aromático y al humo de la combustión del serrín, añadiendo un elemento visual atractivo a la experiencia de aromatización.
Conversión Kit Aladín

And we come to 2024, today, the 20th anniversary of the appearance of the first manual device for cold smoking. A tool of which thousands will have been sold all over the world in its different versions and copies, but all born from the first original in 2004.

This brief summary of the history of Aladin is a testimony to its success and evolution. 

For us it is both an achievement and a reminder of the importance of innovation and creativity in the world of cooking and bartending.

We are grateful to the thousands of users who have trusted and continue to trust our products.  We will be back soon with new developments.

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