The Twin Stones Wet Grinder is the tabletop tilting mill for cooks and pastry chefs.

What can you do with it?

With the Twin Stones Wet Grinder, you can produce “Bean-to-Bar” chocolate, conching with a refining capacity of less than 20 microns, a perfectly refined and impalpable, fluid and elastic texture that will allow you to fill tablets or molds with total perfection.

In addition, make an infinite range of delicious and original chocolates flavored with freeze-dried, spices, etc. “Taste-to-Bar”. Follow the recipes and conching techniques in the manual and personalize your chocolates for tablets, bonbons, chocolate fountains, fillings or coating baths.

Twin Stones can also be applied to other works such as the production of pure, natural or roasted nut pastes with great durability. Make gianduja, prepare signature mustards, flavored butter, butter or oils. Honey, coconut or rice creams, cereal doughs, vegetable pastes, fruit pastes for perfectly refined jams. Even with their candied skin, you won’t even have to sift them.

Its small size allows you to add it on the counter, facing the public. The conching process is very visual and will catch the attention of every person who sees it, giving an added value to your buffet or craft offer.

Although it can also be used at home, the Twin Stones conching machine has been designed for professional use. Its simple mechanics, the hardness of its components and the resistance of the motor make it a very solid and durable machine. The robust motor is designed to withstand the stress of grinding cocoa or other hard particles for up to 48 hours straight.

twin stones wet grinder recipes

How does it work?

Its wide rotating rollers ( 4,5 cm and 10 cm diameter) made of black granite work with an adjustable pressure on a base also made of granite, refining the ingredients without overheating them. Its deflector directs the fluid under the stones, creating a better aeration/conching, especially for the manufacture of chocolate.

The capacity of the stainless steel bowl allows working a considerable amount of product. In this line, we recommend not to exceed the ¾ diameter of the stones to achieve the best result.

The bowl can be tilted, which allows to turn over and empty the drum without removing the stones. A simple push of a button turns over the drum to empty the contents easily and comfortably.

The Twin Stones Wet Grinder is designed to be easy to use, not complicated, reliable and durable so that users of all levels can always achieve the desired results.

Strengths of the Wet Grinder Twin Stones:

Capacity 2 Liters

  • High-quality natural granite stones
  • Refines less than 20-microns particles
  • Double-bladed paddle to avoid overheating and reduce the conching time
  • Reinforced support and shaft
  • Sophisticated and elegant design
  • Quiet engine, designed and tested to work steadily until 48 hours
  • Cutoff switch triggered by heat to avoid overheating
  • Easy to transport, thanks to its small size.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • CE Certification

Technical specifications:

  • 130 RPM
  • Diameter of the drum: 25 cm
  • Height of the drum: 17 cm
  • Diameter of the stones: 10 cm
  • Width of the stones: 4,5 cm
  • Voltage: Available in 230V, 50 Hz and 110V, 60 Hz
  • Power: 200 Watts

You can buy your Twin Stones Wet Grinder here