What is VOM Edible Cloud?

VOM Edible Cloud is a new gastronomic technique that makes it possible to generate flying clouds of fine bubbles filled with helium gas, with an infinite number of flavors and aromas.
This is possible thanks to the properties of the “Formula1” emulsion and its multiple accessories. If you want to learn the 5 TOP TIPS to obtain the perfect edible cloud, we invite you to watch this short video. If you want to use VOM as a professional, continue reading this article.


A bit of history

The technique of encapsulating aromas and flavors inside flying and edible clouds was created and evolved by the PLAT Institute team in Barcelona, and presented to the world gastronomy in 2021 during the Madrid Fusion XIX world summit by Jordi Roca from El Celler de Can Roca and also Giacomo Loris from Paradiso cocktail bar. From here it is marketed worldwide by 100%Chef. With the VOM Basic Kit and a disposable helium canister you can create edible flying clouds.

kit básico vom

How does VOM Edible Cloud work?

Juices, sauces, infusions, concentrated broths, alcohols, fats, essences, etc. can, once the VOM formula is added in the precise amount, generate clouds of fine bubbles filled with helium.Helium is an extremely volatile gas and almost impossible to keep integrated into food or beverages in a stable form.

Formula 1 VOM gives the food an emulsifying and elastic property, with the unique property of maintaining a pure helium atmosphere inside its cells. Thanks to the design of the production container and its micro-perforated grid, it allows the gas to be diluted and encapsulated within the liquid, generating bubbles of an ideal diameter to lift its weight and remain upright so that they can be transported by air.

What do I need to use VOM?

To really be able to apply this technique in your restaurant, cocktail bar, catering or events only requires having a VOM Basic Kit although we also recommend acquiring a VOM Technical Kit. The cost of this Technical Kit can be recovered only with the first 12-liter bottle thanks to the savings you will get compared to the price of disposable bottles.

The VOM Technical Kit allows VOM to be connected to reusable helium cylinders, greatly reducing the cost of gas.

Who is VOM specially designed for?

Bartenders, Chefs and Pastry Chefs are the main customers and the ones who were thought of when designing this technique. Its unlimited applications, for sweet and savory recipes, arouse surprise and admiration from your customers. You can serve these ethereal morsels as a decorative or gustatory element or for a guaranteed WOW effect.

As you will see, VOM Edible Cloud offers infinite ways of presentation and use, you can present edible or aspirated flying airs with original flavor and shape, in static or dynamic version thanks to the VOM Holders collection. Generate infinite and magical shaped clouds thanks to the VOM Tamer, an indispensable tool. Master this technique and generate fun conceptual shapes to customize your presentations.

If you are interested in learning more about this novel technique you will find more info in our VOMSHOP store. If you still have any questions, please send us an email to , we will respond as soon as we know the answer.

When I buy the basic kit, do I receive all the instruction I need to use the machine for any purpose?

When you buy the Vom Basic Kit you will get a user’s guide where the steps to follow are indicated, you have access to a QR code to register your Vom station and access to videos and content to learn and take advantage of your purchase, you also have access to some more recipes to complement your training.

Questions about helium

Is helium dangerous or harmful?

Most of us know this gas for being used in the inflation of decorative or children’s balloons.

Helium gas (He) is a noble gas and, as a noble gas, it does not mix with other elements and behaves as an inert gas, so it cannot be harmful to health in moderate quantities, and it has no color or smell. Although we may not even be aware of it, helium is very present on Earth. It is the second most abundant chemical element in the universe, after hydrogen, although there is a minimal amount of helium in the atmosphere. This gas is produced continuously in the Earth’s crust, due to the radioactive decay of some chemical elements, and is introduced into the atmosphere in small quantities. However, as its atoms are very light and its density is lower than that of air, they are lost in space, and therefore there is not a larger amount.

What is the cost of a 20-liter bottle of helium?

A 20 liter bottle of helium at 200 bar means 20 x 200 liters = 4000 liters. A cylinder with this volume usually costs 180 € / 200 € at a local supplier in Barcelona and a 10 liter bottle about 145 €. Although prices depend a lot on the area, or country.

What type of helium should I buy?

First of all, we must know that in each country helium cylinders have different approved connections. We must make sure that our supplier informs us of this measure and type of helium gases available. Then we must consult this list of connections of the VOM Technical Kit to be able to make sure of the Kit that we must acquire.

This specially designed VOM pressure reducer allows you to work at very low pressure, less than 1 bar, reducing consumption significantly and also allows you to directly connect the connections of your VOM Basic Kit.

Your distributor will surely be able to offer you different types of helium. In fact, the only difference is its purity. A purity of 99.99% will be enough, there is no need to buy the purest because we do not need it and its price is extremely high.

Are different results obtained with food grade helium than with small tank helium?

Not at all, both heliums perform the same function.

The commercial bottles for balloon inflation do not have their own food certification, their degree of purity is almost total, but only working with bottles from reliable suppliers ensures that the quality of helium is the highest, the difference in purity is only 0.005%, the impurity is only a residual oxygen. Working with cylinders of more than 10 liters and the technical kit of regulation, allows a very important economic saving.

About the clouds

How long do these clouds last?

The clouds remain stable for 4 to 5 minutes depending on the pH of the product. The duration is also longer or shorter depending on the recipe.

Why does the rain effect occur?

As the bubbles slowly lose helium, they join and stick together. The liquid, by gravity, runs slowly condensing in the lower part of the cloud. When there is enough liquid accumulated, the drop falls on the plate or cup.

This effect can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the % of Formula 1 that we mix with the base liquid.

Why doesn’t the cloud fly?

We recommend using one of our recipes to master the technique before making your own flavors. There might be some reasons for the clouds not flying:

  • The speed has to be very moderate so that the clouds do not have too much liquid inside.
  • The PH of the water has to be neutral, between 6.7 and 7.
  • The temperature of the preparation has to be approximately 40 degrees, this will favor its buoyancy.
  • Do not add salt.
  • To remove the gas of the carbonated drinks by rest or agitation.
  • The foam generated in the mixer with the formula must be removed, otherwise it acts as an anchor on the foam because it weighs too much, it is better to remove it before pouring into the glass.
  • Bubbles in the glass form too fast (too much pressure), not allowing excess liquid to drain out of the bubbles (this makes the clouds heavier). Try slowing down the use of the control valve.
  • The mixture is too thick, try lowering the Formula1 in your composition.
  • The bubbles are too dense, try putting less liquid in the device and check the improvement.


Can I add color to the VOM cloud?

Even if we add color to the liquid when the bubbles are produced, it will lose it, since its wall is so thin that it has no concentration and the light passes through it without reflecting the color, the only way is to apply colored light directly.

Do acids such as citric and malic affect the cloud?

Yes all acids are a problem and should be mild and contained within the liquid. Ph is one of the most important factors for the formula to be stable and work.

About the formula

Is the formula vegan?

Currently the protein part of the formula is from animal origin, a new vegan formula made with vegetable protein is most likely to be available soon.

Are there allergenic ingredients in the formula?

As indicated on the label, the formula may contain traces of nuts and dairy products.

How much product and yield can we have with VOM?

When we choose the liquid with which we produce the clouds we must take into account different dosage %, since according to the formulation booklet you should not use the same recipe for an infusion as for an alcohol.

The yield is enormous, with 100 grams of Formula VOM we will be able to make more than 400 meters of cloud.

Helium is much more economical if we acquire helium in high pressure cylinders in an official gas distributor, than if we use low pressure disposable bottles to inflate balloons in party stores.

The consumption is very very low, although at the beginning we must dominate the technique, with a single cylinder of helium of 20 liters we will be able to make more than 1000 clouds.

Can it also be used to make alcohol-infused VOM?

High proof alcohols or liquors must be diluted for the formula to work properly and the dosage must be significantly increased to counteract the negative effect of the alcohol. See user’s manual in the recipes section.

How long can the liquid/formula mixture last before use?
Which is better, keeping the formula in the refrigerator at the end of the shift or making it fresh again?

The mixture should be as fresh as possible as it maintains the properties of flexibility and stability.
Obviously any preparation should be as good as possible, as it is a very subtle but important touch to the dish.

The mixture can be kept for a couple of days in the refrigerator, but remember that before use it must be tempered to more than 20ºC and should never be used in several days, keeping it no more than once, for a food contamination issue, remember that it is a food.

Preparing a mixture is very easy and fast, so it is best to prepare the liquid in advance and make the emulsion at the beginning of the service to have a good mise en place.

Can I produce only 100 ml?

If you can really only produce small amounts of formula to learn and test, you should know that with very little you can get the most out of it. Experiment and create your own recipes.


Why does the filter come up when I open the control valve?

The pressure is too high, adjust it with the regulator.

Possibly the regulator you are using is not suitable for VOM. We recommend that you work with the technical KIT and not with another food gas regulator.

Why is the liquid dripping out of the base?

Check that the filter, base and cable are securely connected.

When everything is sealed it should not leak. Fill with approx. 30ml at a time to make the bubbles the right size.


Why is helium wasted even when the device is not in use?

Make sure the tubing, control valve and regulator are properly connected; one of the connections is probably causing the leak.

Do you ship worldwide?

If you can get any VOM item through our worldwide network of distributors, you can also order through the official 100%CHEF online platform.


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