What is VOM Flying Edible Clouds?

VOM is an innovative method to create flying clouds out of helium gas bubbles and a myriad of edible flavors. The “Formula 1” emulsion and VOM accessories bring the chance to generate infinite possibilities.

gif de VOM - Nubes voladora comestibles

It offers unlimited applications for gastronomy, mixology and pastry making. Serve ethereal bites as decoration or add a subtle taste to your creations: WOW effect is guaranteed. The concept VOM fits perfectly every elegant and stylish event, thanks to the minimalist design of its accessories. Furthermore, it can be also a playful and funny add-on: because it uses gas helium as a base, by sucking the cloud, the voice can be tuned for a few seconds. In normal conditions the Edible Clouds remains stable for 4 to 5 minutes, and can be “tamed” in the air, creating a real show during the service.

VOM is a new concept that soon will become a must in every gastronomic project.




Get started and make your first flying edible cloud.

To get started with the VOM technique you only need:

  •  the VOM Basic Kit; with it you will be able to create, tame and place the cloud on top of any product;
  •  a disposable helium tank (purchased separately at any party store or helium balloon supplier);
  •  a mixer, a precision scales and a measuring container (not included in the kit) to make the cloud liquid;
  •  fantasy and a willingness to experiment.

How VOM works step by step

  1. Assemble the kit.

Place the micro-perforated filter on the silicone base and then fit the VOM Tube Glass on top.







  1. Connect the kit to the helium tank.

Screw the white connection to the helium cylinder, open the cylinder tap to check the pressure. The connection is equipped with a control valve, which you can now use to start or stop the device. In addition, you can regulate the pressure and thus the bubble production speed and size. Finally, connect the silicone tubular end to the kit.







Hacer la mezcla VOM

  1. Prepare the liquid for the cloud with the “Formula 1” powder.

Depending on the type of liquid used (water, oil or alcohol based), the amount of “Formula 1” to be used varies. A table for correct measurement can be found in the user manual.

Mix the “Formula 1” powder with the liquid to be used (e.g. coffee) in the right proportions using a mixer at low speed.

Let it stand for 10 minutes.





  1. Create the edible cloud.

Gently stir the liquid and pour about 25 / 50 ml of it into the VOM glass. Slowly turn the control valve until the clouds begin to rise.

In a few seconds the cloud will reach the top edge of the glass: you can now cut it with the tamer, let it fly, place it in the VOM Holder, or directly on top of your product. Shut off the helium flow with the valve to close the production.

Some useful tips to master the VOM technique 

  • We recommend you to follow one of our recipes for your first use. This way you will be able to create a good mixture by managing the proportions between liquid and solid, to control the helium output more precisely, and learn know how to cut and tame each cloud.

Besides, keep in mind that:

  • Too much powder can make the cloud heavy.
  • With a lower amount of liquid, the bubbles will be bigger.
  • The first part of the cloud is usually heavier: we recommend cutting it and removing it without serving.

You can watch the tutorial for the first use here.

Additional information can be found on the official website of the creators of the Edible Cloud concept.


… what if I need a large production?

If you have already successfully tested the Basic Kit and you need a large production for your business, you can connect the Kit to a 20L helium cylinder. To do so, you will only need to complement your VOM device with the VOM Technical Kit, the special pressure reducer designed for this use. Each country has a different connection standard, so you have to choose your Technical Kit based on the country of use. In case you do not find the Technical Kit suitable for your country, please contact us and we will help you.