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The Art of Cocktail Making goes hand in hand with Gastronomy linking the drinks menu with sweet and savory food pairings.

In this section, we present all the supports to create a fun proposal for your customers while defining catering for events, tastings, and show-cooking. You can also serve the garnishes of the cocktails with skewers and test tubes for a new way cocktails presentation.

Gin Tonic Concept

GinTonic Bottle

Crown caps

Sticker Round

Bottle Sealing Press

Muselet Closer

½ Bottle Spumanti

Bottle Cleaning Brush

Champagne Caps

Corks for Champagne Bottles

Yogurt Way

Yogurt Pot 120 ml

Yogurt Cover XS

Yogurt Cover XL

Curd Pot


Stick Lipstick

Lipstick Display Base

Aluminium Tubes

Aluminum Tubes 7 ml

Special Tubes Sealer

Aluminium Tubes 15 ml

Tubes 30 ml white

Striped Tubes

Testings Tubes

Tubes with handle Ø 18 mm

Labo Tubes with screw top

Labo Tube

Cleaning Brush

Cork Test Tubes


Matsubagushi Skewer

Red Skewer Svelt 150 mm

Estel Skewers 120 mm

Looping Skewers 180 mm

Nature Cuore Skewers 180 mm

Cuore Color Skewers 180 mm

Twister Skewer

Dengaku Skewers 180 mm

Nature Fyord Skewer 70mm

Ying - Yang Skewer

Moon Skewer

Red Ball Skewer

Teppo Bamboo Skewers

Noshi Skewers 180 mm

Mini Bamboo Tong

Lollipop Stick Round

Teppo Skewers XL

Cubik Skewer

Tube Skewer

Fjord Skewers 18cm

Black Skewer Svelt 150 mm

Robata Skewer L

Chalkboard Skewer

Take Away


Straw Cardboard

Blue Mini Brownie Box

Blue Mini Ice Cream Box

Mini Popcorn Box

Cones & Mini glasses

Sphera Glass 50 ml

Sphera Glass 90 ml

Hola Glass 50 ml

Glass 9cl.

Bamboo Cones L

Wood Cone

Bamboo Glasses

Black Cones XS

Gold Cones

Silver Cones XS

Cocktail Bag

Mini Cocktail Bag


Manual Can Sealer

Rectangle Aluminium Cans

Aluminum round can

Caviar Imitation Can

Gold Tin Can

Oval Aluminium Can

Round Tin Can

Bowl Aluminium Can

Rectangular Giant Golden Can

Round tin can with lid XS Retail 5 pcs

Giant Manual Round Can Sealer