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Dehydrating fruits and vegetables allows you to always have some decorative elements on hand to add a special touch to your cocktails.

The main characteristic of dehydrated foods is the long preservation. Dehydrated fruits are a healthy option for decoration, since they do not contain added sugars, and when dried at low temperature they do not lose their nutritional properties.


DryCook Dehydrator 15 trays

DryCook Dehydrator 10 trays

Excalibur 2400

Excalibur PRO

Accessories & Spare Parts

Excalibur 4900 & 4926TM Tray Sheet

Excalibur Transparent Door

Excalibur 4900 & 4926TM Support Tray

Excalibur 4900 & 4926T Replacement motor

Excalibur 4900 & 4926T Fan

Excalibur 4926T Thermostat

Excalibur 4926T Timer

Replacement Fan for Food Dehydrator Excalibur 4400

Excalibur 4400 Support Tray

Excalibur 4400 Tray Sheet

Excalibur 4400 Thermostat

Excalibur 4900 Thermostat

Teflon Sheet DryCook XS - 5 pcs.

DryCook XS Grid Tray

Excalibur Black Door

DryCook XS Grid Sheet - 5 pcs

Teflon Sheet DryCook XL - 5 pcs.

DryCook XL Grid Tray

DryCook XL Grid Sheet - 5 pcs

Excalibur EXC10EL Replacement motor

Silicone Sheet For Excalibur 4900 & 4926T - 5 pcs.

Teflon Sheet Excalibur 2400 - 5 pcs.

Teflon Lyochef L - 6 pcs.