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Be bold, if you want to stand out by serving your drinks in glasses and unique vessel, this will be your favorite section.

Flavors are mixed when drinking a shot, glasses and cups with fruit forms, the best glasses for Gin TONIC, and the most amazing straws and removers.



Appetizer Mini - 2 pcs.

Apple Glass

Mango Glass

Pear Glass

Ananas Glass

Lactarius Glass

Tea up - tail

Retro Cup with stem

Take your Time

Gallon Mixing Glass

Green Algae

Starfish Cup

Coral Reef Cup

Mini Coral Reef Tumbler 2 pcs

Seashell Cup

Wood trunk Replacement Glass

Wood trunk glass

Apple Wood Trunk Cup - Replacement Cup

Red Coral Glass

Retro Cup

Jug Saucer Boro 600 ml

Jug Saucer Boro 400 ml - 2 pcs.

Jug Saucer Boro 200 ml - 2 pcs.

Jug Saucer Boro 150 ml - 2 pcs.

Glass Brick

Speakeasy Hip Flask 200ml - 24 uds.


Skull Glass - 6 pcs.

Maxi Test Tube

Black Silicone Cap

Conch Snow Plate

Christmas Balls - 4 pcs

Diamond Glass - 2 pcs

Giant Urchin

Cookie Bag

Skewer Glass

Piercing Glass

Atlas glass


Sherlock Pipe

Smoke and Drink Kit

Cat Cup

Test Tube Glass - 2 pcs.

Mini Martini Glass - 2 pcs.

Passion Cup - 2 pcs.

Sour Cup - 2 pcs.

Fly Like a Bird Cup

Drink Like a Bird

Viking Glass

Cornucopia Cup

Branche Glass - 6 pcs.

Transparent Medusa Cup

Pink Meduse Cup

Fugu Cup

Amuse Cup - 2 pcs.

Fat Cat Cup


Caballero Glass - 2 pcs.

Test Tube Meter Glass - 2 uds.

Margarita Cup - 2 pcs.

Pipe Smoke and Drink


Big Medusa Cup Transparent

Victorian Cocktail Cup - 2 pcs

Bacchus Glass

Aladdin Glass

Milkshake Cup

Barrel Glass

Boletus Glass

Tomato Glass

Sweet Candy Glass

Piggy Bank Glass

Molecular Glass

Absinthe Glass

Poppy Bulb "Opium" Glass

Penguin Glass

Cinderella Pumpkin Glass

Super Long Drink Glass

Solero Glass

Heart Glass

Snowflake Martini Cup

Snowflake Margarita Cup

Snowflake Coupette Cup

Banana Glass

Blowfish Bol

Versailles Cocktail Cup - 100 pcs

Moka Cup

Rolling Cup

Todo Corazon

Thirst Extinguisher


Ice Cream 2Pcs.

Sea Urchin Glass - 2 pcs.

Copa Twist Flauta - 2 pcs.

Copa Twist Martini - 2 pcs.

Atlas glass


Cactus Glass - 2 pcs.

Blackberry Stem Glass - 2 pcs.

Double Test Shot - 2 pcs.

Test Shot - 4 pcs.

Columbia shot - 2 pcs.


Chupito XL

Cocktail Shaker Glass


Mix & Dry Kit

Dry Ice Mixer - 2 pcs.

Straight Glass Straw

Curved Glass Straw - 24 pcs.

Glass Straw Mini Cola - 36 pcs.

Curved Stainless Steel Straws Retail

Straight Stainless Steel Straws Retail

Straw Brush - 2 pcs.

Mid Cocktail

Mini Martini Glass - 2 pcs.

Passion Cup - 2 pcs.

Margarita Cup - 2 pcs.

Sour Cup - 2 pcs.

Bar Classics

Highball Glass - 6 pcs.

Pompadour Pompadour Glass - 6 pcs.

On the Rocks - 6 pcs.

Grey Martini - 6 pcs.

Gin & Tonic - 6 pcs.