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A brand of technical products dedicated to the service of culinary creativity, providing solutions to various elaborations, creating new textures and enhancing flavors. These products will help to elaborate both traditional and modern recipes, including vegan, vegetarian, etc. options. With this we work every day to improve and develop new ingredients at the service of pastry, ice cream and catering.


Airing agents

Whipping agents

Thickening agents

Gelling agents



Charging agents


Acids and preservatives

Enzymes and rennet

Technical sugars

Paste sugars



Fried textures


Flavours powder


Nut paste





Sucrose esters - 650g.

Emulsifying powder 500 g.

Emulsifying paste - 1kg.

Soy lecithin

Liquid glicerine

Beeswax - 500g.

Airing agents

Cold espuma - 700g.

Hot espuma - 500g.

Bubble agent - 450g.

Mix souffle - 500g.

Whipping agents

Whipping albumina

Whipping vegan protein - 350g.

Thickening agents

Ultratex - 400g.

Crystal xanthan gum

Xanthan gum

Easy thick

Custard cold

Custard hot

Guar gum - 700g.

Locust bean gum - 600g.

Kuzu arrowroot - 500g.

Gelling agents

Elastic gelificant - 550g.

Vegan gelatin

Gellan gum - 600g.

Hot terrine gel - 800g.

Vegan mousse gel - 500g.

Agar agar - 600g.

Kappa carregeenan - 500g.

Lota carregeenan - 700g.

Yellow pectin - 900g.

Pectin nappage 58 - 850g.

Neutral pectin - 500g.

Rapid set pectin - 500g.

Methylcellulose - 300g.

Sodium alginate - 600g.

Calcium chloride - 750g.

Gluconolactate - 700g.


Apple gelatin - 3kg.

Leaf gelatin silver 180 Bloom - 1kg.

Fast gelatin powder 180 Bloom - 500g.

Bovine gelatine powder 220 Bloom - 700g.

Hot gelatin powder 220 Bloom


Ice cream stabiliser Cold - 3kg.

Ice cream stabiliser Sugar free - 3kg.

Natural ice cream stabiliser Hot /Cold - 3kg.

Natural sorbet stabiliser Cold - 3kg.

Natural sorbet stabiliser Hot & Cold - 3kg.

Charging agents

Psyllium powder Psyllium en polvo - 700g.

Tapioca maltodextrine - 500g.


Popping candy Neutral - 700g.

Popping candy Chocolate - 900g.

Fizzy powder - 700g.

Acids and preservatives

Cream of tartar - 1kg.

Tartaric acid - 900g.

Ascorbic acid - 1kg.

Citric acid - 800g.

Potassium sorbate - 2kg.

Enzymes & Rennet

Calcium rennet - 1l

Technical sugars

Icing sugar - 600g.

Icing sugar anti-humidity - 700g.

Isomalt - 900g.

Glucose powder 30 DE

Trehalose powder - 800g.

Dextrose powder

Maltodextrine - 550g.

Fondant powder - 500g.

Paste sugars

Liquid sorbitol - 1kg.

Invert sugar - 1kg.

Liquid glucose 60DE - 1,5kg.

Liquid glucose 40DE - 1,4kg.


Lactitol - 700g.

Erythritol - 750g.

Xylitol - 750g.

Manitol - 500g.

Maltitol - 800g.

Granulated sorbitol - 750g.


Natural emulsifier - 500g.

Oligofructose - 500g.

Polidextrose - 3,5kg.

Inuline cold - 500g.

Inuline hot

Fried textures

Air-bag potato (grain) - 750g.

Air-bag potato (flour) - 650g.

Air-bag pig (grain) - 750g.

Air-bag pork (flour) - 600g.


Whole freeze-dried raspberry - 75g.

Whole freeze-dried strawberry

Sliced freeze-dried strawberry - 250g.

Cubes freeze-dried strawberry

Whole wild freeze-dried strawberry - 60g.

Whole freeze-dried blackberry - 80g.

Whole freeze-dried blueberry - 50g.

Whole freeze-dried cassis - 175g.

Whole freeze-dried amarena cherry - 80g.

Powdered flavours

Lemon flavour powder

Orange flavour powder - 300g.

Mango flavour powder - 600g.

Passion fruit flavour powder - 500g.

Coconut flavour powder - 400g.

Pineapple flavour powder - 450g.

Raspberry flavour powder - 300g.

Strawberry flavour powder - 300g.

Blueberry flavour powder - 500g.

Blackcurrant flavour powder - 700g.

Cherry flavour powder - 700g.

Berry fruit flavour powder - 700g.

Apple flavour powder - 700g.

Beet root flavour powder - 700g.

Tomato flavour powder - 700g.

Butter flavour powder

Cream flavour powder

Lime flavour powder - 400g.


Crunchy lime

Crunchy mango - 250g.

Crunchy passion fruit - 250g.

Crunchy pineapple - 200g.

Crunchy banana - 1,5kg.

Crunchy raspberry 2-10mm

Crunchy raspberry 5-8mm

Crunchy strawberry 1-3mm

Crunchy strawberry 2-10mm

Crunchy cassis - 200g.

Crunchy cherry - 200g.

Crunchy fig - 300g.

Crunchy capuccino

Crunchy fried onion - 300g.

Crunchy yogurt - pomegranate

Crunchy yogurt - strawberry

Dried fruit paste

Raw almond paste

Roast almond paste

Roast hazelnut paste - 1kg.

Grain hazelnut paste - 1kg.

Pecan walnut paste

Macadamia nut paste - 1kg.

Pistacho paste

Walnut paste - 1kg.

Refined nougat paste - 4kg.

Granulated nougat paste - 4kg.


Green Kiwi coloring - 70g.

Red Coloring - 70g.


Raw almond praline - 1kg.

Roast almond praline

Roast hazelnut praline

Pecan walnut praline

Macadamia nut praline - 1kg.

Crunchy grain hazelnut praline - 1kg.

Crunchy pistachio praline - 1kg.


Oblate powder - 500g.

Oblate roll - 300m

Oblate Square - 90x90mm

Oblate disk - 90mm