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Fill a profiterole with cream with the thin nozzle of Air Kit 2

Airs and Foams

Foams and airs were introduced into haute cuisine by chef Ferran Adrià. Over time, the concept has developed and expanded in multiple directions. For example, the Foam Kit "Airs" generating machine, or the VOM concept, a device that generates edible flying clouds with a dripping effect on dishes and cocktails. Different nozzles for cream whip like the Air Kits or even flavored fog bubbles for dishes and cocktails with Genius. 

Welcome to Airs and Foams.

VOM Pro Kit

Basic Kit VOM

VOM Premium Kit

Genius Bubble Kit

Foam Kit Deluxe

Air kit 3

AIR KIT 2 - Cream whipper accessories

Siphon Support

N2O Charges

CO2 Siphon charges