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Bar Tools

Professional tools for Bartender.

Prepare pre-elaborations, garnishes or ingredients using our machines or exclusive tools.

Follow our technical manuals and experiment as a modernist mixologist: dehydrate, smoke, make spherifications, distill your own aromas...





Measurement & Hygiene

Ice & Fire


Instant Glass Froster Copper Coolbar

Omega Juicer VRT452 HDS

Masticating Juicer Omega 8226

Blender Omega OM6562SF 3HP

Omega Juicer VSJ843RS

DJ Food Decor Turntable

Blender Container for Omega 482S


CoolBar 2 Copper

Screen for Juicer Omega 8226

Auger Omega 8226

Coarse Filter Omega VRT402

Fine Juicing Screen Omega VRT402

Omega VSJ843 - Replacement Bowl

Double Auger Omega VSJ843

Omega VSJ843 - Fine Juicing Screen Replacement

Silicone Autocleaner for Omega VSJ843

Replacement Auger for Omega VRT402

Blank Screen Omega 8226

Bowl Omega VRT402

Autocleaner Omega VRT402

Clear Drum for Omega 8226

Pulp Bowl Replacement for Omega 8226

Juice Bowl Replacement for Omega 8226

Straining Sieve for Omega 8226

Cleaning Brush Omega

Plunger Omega 8226

Drum Cap Replacement for Omega 8226

Omega Juicer MMV702SF

CoolBar 2 Silver

Instant Glass Froster Silver Coolbar

Customizable CoolBar

Wet Grinder Twin Stones


Borosilicate glass 5 L Girovap

3-litres graduated glass for Girovap

Measuring glass 1.5 L Girovap

Silicone tube 4 m Girovap

Vacuum connection joints VA032 Girovap

Complete lid with probe + tapa Girovap

Collector lid Girovap

Hose pump with connections Girovap

Girovap Coil for 5L vessel

Joints Girovap Vessel 2 PCS

Double paddle granite stones support for Twin Stones Grinder

Double paddle support for Twin Stones Grinder

One-paddle support for Twin Stones Grinder

Pressure homogeneizer Squasher

Squasher Filter Bags - 50 pcs


CentriCook Bottles


Easymould Round

Logo Relief

Easymould Square

Easymould Round Base

Digital PH Controller

High Precision Scale 0.005 g

Precision Scale 0.01 g

Digital Salinity and PH Controller

Titanium Sushi Tongs 14cm

Long Tongs

Titanium Sushi Tongs 20 cm

Sushi Tongs Gold

Retail Sushi Tongs

Easymould Square Base

Refillable Powder Spray Bottle

Ice Cube Mould

Squeeze Mini Bottles 50 pcs

Sushi Tongs

Ice Ball Mould

Brûlée Blowtorch

Liquid Silicone Oh!Mold

Lipstick Mould 3D

Lollypop Mould 3D

Perfect Quenelles

Spherification Spoons Kit

Cubik Skewer

Tube Skewer

Egg Top Cutters

Precision mini squeeze bottle

Gastro Pipettes

Mini Pipette

Mini Print

Nitro Relief

Dry Ice Mixer

Ice Ball Press

Barman Titanium Tongs 3 Colors

Black Matte Sushi Tongs

Facial Cover

Customized Silicone Seal

Custom Branding Clamp

Elite Tongs 16 cm

Giant Sushi Elite Tongs

Stainless Steel/Matte Black Sushi Tong

Mix & Dry Kit

Clamp with cone support for cups and dishes

Precision Squeeze Bottle with needle - 20 pcs

Sushi Tong 20 cm Stainless Steel/Matte Colors Fantasy

Sushi Tong 20 cm Stainless Steel/Matte Colors


Facial Cover

No Contact Infrared Thermometer

Digital Salinity and PH Controller

Digital PH Controller

High Precision Scale 0.005 g

Precision Scale 0.01 g

Precision mini squeeze bottle

Mini Pipette

Ice & Fire

Custom Branding Clamp

Ice Cube Mould

Ice Ball Mould

Ice Ball Press