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Black Cubic Plate

Ceramics Era

Plates and supports modeled in stoneware, refractory clays and high resistance ceramics by the expert hands of our local artisans, using extremely resistant glazes.

Ideal for serving hot or cold dishes, because the material helps to maintain the temperature longer.

All our ceramics can be customized in different color glazes, color combinations and special finishes.

Terra X-trem

Roast & Toast

Roof Tiles Plate Terra Xtrem XS - 6 Pcs


Flower Pot


Barcino Plates Moray - 4 pcs

Barcino Plates Metallic Grey - 4 pcs

Barcino Plates Sand - 4 pcs

Barcino Plates White - 4 pcs

Barcino Plates Turquoise - 4 pcs

Tarraco Plates Moray - 3 pcs

Tarraco Plates Metallic Grey - 3 pcs

Tarraco Plates Sand - 3 pcs

Tarraco Plates White - 3 pcs

Tarraco Plates Turquoise - 3 pcs

Gades Bowls Moray - 6 pcs

Gades Bowls Metallic Grey - 6 pcs

Gades Bowls Sand - 6 pcs

Gades Bowls White - 6 pcs

Gades Bowls Turquoise - 6 pcs

Egara Palettes Metal Finish - 4 pcs

Egara Palettes Wood Finish - 4 pcs

Steamer Iluro Moray

Steamer Iluro White

Steamer Iluro Metallic Grey

Steamer Iluro Sand

Chipped Caesar Palace Plate

Chipped Caesar Palace Deep Dish

Caesar Palace Plate

Caesar Palace Deep Dish

Green-Grey Earthquake Plate 3 Pcs

Black Earthquake Plates - 3 Pcs

Blue Fin


Black Sorli - 3 pcs.

My Way

Tray Aeki

Bread Plate Aeki - 3 pcs.

Plate Aeki - 3 pcs.

Bowl Aeki - 3 pcs.