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Our selection of premium cutlery, designed with the aim of creating atmospheres of total harmony and intended to complement the chef's creations with an unparalleled plating.

From the fine, minimalist lines of collections such as Atlantida or Kyoto, through the experimental concept of the Lab Collection, or the Kodai Collection, based on traditional Asian lines and finishes, to the classic, baroque lines of the Versailles Collection.


Finger Food







Atlantida Mirror

Atlantida Ice Black

Mirror Cultery Holder - 4 Pcs.

Finger Food

Finger Food


Kodai Vintage Table

Kodai Vintage Experience

Kodai Vintage Black Table

Kodai Vintage Black Experience

Kodai Vintage Gold Table

Kodai Vintage Gold Experience

Mini Porcelain Box

Mini Porcelain Colander - 6 Pcs.

Mini Porcelain Grill - 6 Pcs.

Mini Porcelain Cup - 6 Pcs.

Mini Porcelain Ramekin - 6 Pcs.

Mini Porcelain Pan - 6 Pcs.

Mini Porcelain Gratin Plate - 6 Pcs.

Mini Pocelain Tray - 6 Pcs.

Mini Porcelain Soup Tureen - 6 Pcs.


Kyoto Chopsticks Set


Lab Mirror Table

Lab Mirror Tapas

Lab Mirror Experience

1/4 Ration Circle Plate - 4 Pcs.

Round Stick Holder - 4 Pcs.

1/4 Ration Circle Double Plate - 4 Pcs.

1 Ration Oval Plate - 4 Pcs.

1/2 Ration Oval Plate - 4 Pcs.

Simple Porcelan Black Tray

Simple Porcelan White Tray

Simple Porcelan Green Tray

Simple Porcelan Sky Blue Tray

1 Ration Circle Plate

1/2 Ration Oval Plate

Lab Ice Black Table

Lab Ice Black Tapas

Lab Ice Black Experience

Lab Vintage Copper Table

Lab Vintage Copper Tapas

Lab Vintage Copper Experience

Lab Vintage Gold Table

Lab Vintage Gold Tapas

Lab Vintage Gold Experience


Versailles Satin

Versailles Satin Black

Versailles Satin Copper

Versailles Satin Gold


Silex Satin